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Day 45

Hey all! I'm still around, but I've mainly been lurking. 45 days clean today. Switched over to my fall handbag.. Well what did I find in the pretty fall bag. Yep.. 2 hydro 10's.. They went swimming with the fishes. I had no desire.. They made feel nauseated when I found them. My emotions are getting better! I'm laughing a lot.. Living a lot.. Mainly, I've realized that I can actually live life without pills. No more pill counting, chasing, lying.. Planning around them. I get up I live life, and I take the good with the bad. No more highs.. Lows.. Highs.. Then lows.. You get the drift. No cravings.. No desire. I'm  just me.. and that's all I want to be. Great job everyone! A lot of you have come so far in the past few weeks and days! We got this! If you just started your journey to sobriety.. I promise it's worth it!! It may seem hard, and it is at first, but when you realize you are laughing with your children, carving pumpkins, getting excited over something besides getting your hands on a pill.. You will really be living.. You will be getting your life back! God Bless You All!
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CONGRATS on 45 days and for flushing those pills! Isn't it great to FEEL again?!
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Hi Butterfly! You sound great, and have such a positive attitude! Ya know, I never used to believe these "I found a pill in my purse" stories, until it actually happened to me. I found 3 pills in a folded up Kleenex in the bottom of my purse. I couldn't believe it and I threw them out in the dirty kitty litter. Good for you, and congrats on the 45 days! You are proof to the newbies that life does get better! I love posts like this! Thanks, and take care!
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