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Day 4...and clear sailing!

For all of you in the early stages of DT...I am on day four of no pills, (from 80mg day Oxy) and I feel great! I am beginning to think clearly, I am feeling motivated to go out, and it really feels GOOD to be clean. Hang in there and tough out the first few toilsome days...I promise you all hat it only gets better! Here's to life without pills!!!
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i know at this point i am still worried that i will never feel as good sober as the pills made me.... tell me I am wrong
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You better believe you"re going to feel better! I mean, you're not going to feel 'high' like you did with pills, but you're going to feel 'normal'...and it's been a while since I felt that. The good normal feeling I have right now is Joy compared to the depressed high that I got from the pills. It's a completley different kind of happiness. It's a total freedom, and it feels wonderful. You are going to have this same joy too...you just have to give it a wee bit of time to materialize! Flushing all my pills down the toilet was the best thing I could have done. You guys are all awesome!
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Wow, I needed your posts right about now. Thanks
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Did you go c/t from 80 mg a day or did you wean?  If you weaned how long did you go between each stage of the weaning process and how low did you get when you went to 0mg?

Did you take meds for legit pain?  I think it is harder (I am sure it is hard no matter what though) when you have pain!

Thanks for the posting your encouraging progress.
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I tried to go CT a bunch of times but failed miserably. I finally found a regimen that worked for me. I went down 2.5 MG every day for a month until I got to 10MG and then went CT 4 days ago. That taper schedule is probably a little too fast for most people, but I just really, really wanted to be finished with it, so I went quicker. I quit CT once and made it about a week but relapsed. This time, I knew the only way I would quit for sure was to flush all my pills and remove the temptation from my life. I'm still a little sweaty and nervous, but it's nothing compared to the first couple of days. Just being able to walk outside and breath the clean air without any Oxy's muddying up my thought process id so terrific. You guys who are DTing hard will know what I mean when you get here. The view is amazing!:)

I'm male, 28, and I started taking the Ox for bad neck pain. I decided I'd rather live with the ache in my neck than the ache in my soul.
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2.5 mg's a day??  That sounds really fast.  So do you think going down 5 mg's every two weeks (I am at 15 mg right now of percocet--some days less) that my withdrawal may be a little less intense.  I wish I never had to take the meds but I was in such bad pain I would have been in bed for a year.  It was kind of a necessary evil.  But I know it is time now.  Still have pain but not to the extent that I did have.

Thanks for the info.
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Honestly slowlybetter, I don't think it matters how fast or slow you taper. At the end of the taper, you are still going to have to fight through the DT's, one way or the other.
In my experience, once you get down below 15MG a day, it doesn't matter how much longer you take. The DT's are going to be the same if you quit at 15 or if you quit at 2.5. I think once you've gone over the hump of getting down as low as you are, your best bet is to just let it go and fight through the week. You will come out a much healthier, stronger person!
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I am pretty new to this....never had to take pain meds on a regular basis before I went through this.  I thought it was better for the body to stabilize at each level.  I still have pain that Tylenol and motrin won't alleviate.  That is why I am not completely off of it yet.  I don't desire to take it except when I am in a lot of pain.  I am hoping that over the next few weeks the pain will go lessen and I won't need pain meds anymore.
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When it comes to tapering, everyone is different...just like everyone takes a different amount of pills. Just through my own personal experience, I found that the DT's were the same for me regardless of how low my dose was when I quit. I know that this process is a lot different for everyone...so I can only say what it was like for me. I always took my pills in the morning, so it felt like I was DTing every night anyway. I went fast and it worked. People go slow and it works. Some people, (God Blessem') go CT and that works. In the end, it really doesn't matter what road you decide to take, as long as you arrive in the right place.
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