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Day Four

I did not sleep much last night and I am already to go to work today...Tired, but so grateful that Heavenly Father is reminding me of what I have done to the body that He has blessed me...I don't mean this in a negative way,,,I am just grateful...I know I will be very tired by the end of the day...I am not young anymore, but when I do come home I made an appointment with a friend to pick me up right after work to go to the pool and and exercise there and then the Jacuzzi...My mind set is good and what a difference when you really surrender and realize that this is too big to do by yourself...I am so grateful for that..I will get back and report early this evening...Have a great day...Hugs
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I hear ya on the no sleep. This is a tough thing to do. I think you are very smart keeping yourself busy with working out and such. I know the more idle time I have the more likely I am obsessing about finding some to take. Four days is awesome keep it up
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I just wanted to say i am so proud of you~
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You are doing such a wonderful job. Congratulations on day 4. I am so proud of you and inspired by your positive attitude. Keep pushing forward and you will be on the other side in no time.
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Good for you!!!  You used the word grateful A LOT in today's post.....makes a HUGE difference....you are living proof~
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Well, I just got home from work and my work is very physical and I am 66 years old...I usely work a couple of days a week..This week I thought I was not going to work...That is why I planned on Quitting on Saturday...God had other plans...So so grateful to my Heavenly Father and for all of you helping me get through this...I cannot believe that very few time did I think of a pill today...I hope I get a little more sleep tonight...If not Oh Well...The time will come...Hugs
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