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Depression and Anxiety

So I'm 71 days off of Oxy and 12 days off of a short sub use (58 days).  Had no real acute physical wd with the subs thank goodness but man I have had soem debilitating depression and anxiety.  It started when I started the subs but seems to have gotten worse.  Is this normal?  Brain still healing?  It's really hard.  Thanks for any advice.
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This is very normal when coming off of subs....in fact, I still have a bit of the anxiety but it getting better after 15 months!  During this time frame is when you need to get your butt into some type of aftercare because it helps with the brain healing.  I can't stress to EVERYONE....my brain hurt, it hurt to think, it scared me to think, and in the beginning, the only time I got any relief was going to my local n/a meetings.  After awhile, it starts to subside, but in the beginning you must try something new.  How about the 90/90????
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You will go through this for some time. Real time. Months and maybe a year or more. The subs are known to cause depression and yes your brain is healing. While you are on any opiates your body stops making seratonin. It's your natural happy drug. It takes a long time for your brain to realize that it has to start making it's own natural pain killer again. You may experience anxiety and depression and even have some aches and pains that you never had before. Your use has masked you from feeling anything for however long you were doing it and it takes a while before you get back to your normal self. But you will get back. Hang in there. It won't last forever.
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motye51 thanks for the words of encouragement.  i haven't done the meetings but working with a psych md and an addiction counselor.  that seems to be working for me at this point.  thanks.
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Thanks for the words of encouragement.  I know it will get better.  I guess I feel I should be one of the lucky ones all the time and my brain should heal faster since I was basically on opiates only 1 year...   but that is illogical, i know.  my problem is it feels like it's getting worse everyday not better.  i would expect every day to get better.
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Until you're off everything, you're going to feel this way. Your brain needs to produce it's own chemicals but is being interrupted.

There are things you can do to help the depression:
Eat well
Keep well hydrated

Pick up some supplements like B vitamins, Vitamin C,  magnesium, 5HTP...they'll help a lot!
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Yes Vicki is right,any time you put any of these drugs back into your system (even for 12 days) you're wiring is still going to be off so to speak. I'm at 5 months off the oxy and still only 60% maybe? Everyday gets a bit better,I laugh I cry and they're genuine feelings. But time is the only thing that will heal. Well time and aftercare. You'll get there! :)
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