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Detox info for oxycodone wd

Day 2 from a 2-3/30mg roxies, feel awful

I've quit before for 6 months from a 1/day habit but that was a few years ago. Now I was up to 2-3 daily...How long will the mental recovery take? I know I'll have flu symptoms, anxiety, depression, sleep issues for about a week or so and I'm more worried about the long term. When would I start to enjoy things again and be 100%? Thanks in advance everyone.
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    hey bud welcome to the post and good luck . don't know the answer i'm on day 4 myself but I am starting to feel a little better. but I could not do it if I had to work I think. so I took time off good luck n holler if u need help
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I worked through my Norco withdraw it sucked I was taking 5 or more 10/325 a day for a year or more the first week was hell but keeping busy really helped me out this was my third time in 6 years so I new what I was in for I hope you stick with it one bit of advice to help you out cut ties with all supply and buy some vitamins along with fruits an vegi's your body will thank you in about a week or two good luck and keep us posted.
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Thanks for the info guys, kicking 30mg a day sure was easier than 90mg! Day 3 and I was up wide awake at 4:45am...to me the sleep is the worst part. Well I take that back, the long term boredom is what I'm dreading.
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Hey man, how many were you doing a day and have you quit before? If ya don't mind me asking.
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