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Does a 3 day detox work please help

About to start a detox at home with Metadone I been using for 3 years I been detoxing or coming down of h I'm really low so I start tomorrow but don't no if do a 3 day or 7 day and how much .or do a 3 day night doze. And then use Imodium when I stop Metadone. Please help I'm tire of this life and at the edge of loosing everything I got including my wife. I took vacation so I got 14 days plus if need to I will take my sick days. Right now I'm doing 3 b a day came down from 10 a day even more some days if I had the money. It been hell coming down but I have to stop and get over is hell and depression is killing me or is going to .
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Honey, you'll make it.   Post here every day; I mean it.   Let us know how you are doing.

Again...I think that after 4-5 days you are still not going to feel great, but if that is your plan, go for it.    Your WORST day sober is 10000% better than your best day high.

Good luck...please don't be a stranger.
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Tks never again 127. No is not my 1st time detoxing but when I did my detox it was in a hospital. I am planning to do it at home this time. I was planning to do a 3 day detox, but I don't think that is going to work. I think, is better 4 or 5 days tapper, in which I am starting today. I am so scared don't no why but I feel like something really bad is going to happen feeling. I don't have any medical issues and I do got after care plan. I am doing the shot of that block the receptor, that is every month. Any ways Tks for you help and support and I will keep posting even if I don't make it. Hopefully Jesus hear me and help me.
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Your question is: Does a 3 day detox work...I'm not sure how to answer:

3 days off of a drug is going to produce withdrawals, and if you're using street heroin every day (3 b) then I don't think you'll be over the detox in just 72 hours.

I'd make a plan of action that gives you the best chance of succeeding:

1.  Take 2 weeks out of work; you'll be in MUCH better shape if you can just focus on getting better.    Or if you'd like, take just 10 days and see how you feel on the 10th day...you could always call in sick for 2-3 more days.

2. Is that your first time detoxing?  It's not going to be pleasant, but it is rarely fatal unless you have other medical issues (heart, BP, lungs, etc)

3.  Getting off the drug is one thing.  STAYING off the drug is the real key.   Most people can stand to feel like crap for 2 weeks; it's like having a horrible stomach flu.   But what will you do to deal with the triggers, the cravings, the boredom?     Life is still life, and there are going to be times (lots of them) when you will want to use VERY badly.  

It's a wise idea to set up a plan on how to deal with phase 2...(phase 1 being getting off the drugs and into a reasonably comfortable place in terms of how you feel and function.)  Some folks go to n/a, a/a, Smart Recovery, one-on-one counseling, etc.  

You're doing the right thing.    You write of being depressed.  Addiction will do that to you.  It's a nasty disease, one of the worst, I think...and it plays incredibly mind games with us.  

I'm glad you came here, and I hope you do decide to get off the heroin.   Don't use any other substances while you are detoxing...alcohol, weed, etc. It will just screw up the process...just my opinion.

Good luck my friend.  Stick around here...it's a good place to be.
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