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Does anyone crave sweets while detoxing from suboxone

I’m new to this message board .I’m looking for people that have successfully got off suboxone by tapering. I’m on Medicaid live in Illinois my doc that was prescribing me subs decided he was gonna retire they gave me 1 referral and they don’t take Medicaid I’m disabled Just to make it clear I want off suboxone. I started om 8mg  suboxone April 2015 then 4 mg 2mg 1 mg ½ of 1 mg   just started .0.13  but I'm taking klonopin 1mgmorning and night at night klonopin1mg ,gabapentin,Seroquel,and trazadone   to get through each day and to sleep I have no support I'm trying to find someone that would call/email me just to talk too that know what I’m going through I’ve tried n/a  many times it’s really not for I have no support or friends only my cat. I’m doing this all alone I called the many  detox places to get off but they cut you off on 2mg and think your done so I really want off suboxone plus I'm forced to because  no doc takes medicaid if you know any one I can call or email that has been through this please let me know I’ve called hotlines they just want me to go to detox but I'm so low on subs they won’t  detox me from .5mg I live in Illinois if anyone can email me for support I would really appreciate it.  I’ve Been off methadone since Feb.15 2015.I’m disabled and see a counselor but she’s not a opiate expert she does help me a lot I have ptsd,bipolar,depression &adhd. The psychiatrist won’t see me until I’m off suboxone so I can’t get any medicine for depression . I know this aint gonna be easy I’m not looking for a way out just some support. Sorry so long but I just want y’all to know what’s going on. Also I’ve been eating sweets real food makes me sick.
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Someone with sub experience will be on at some point so keep checking back.  We are a great support system here~
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I'm not real sure about the sweets craving....I think that's probably more an issue with your blood sugar.  But I do want to ask....to make sure I'm understanding correctly....your at 0.13mg per day...right?  How long have you been taking that low of a dose? Days or weeks?  My next question (or statment) would have to be that your taking WAY MORE drugs to maintain than necessary at that dose???  Klonopin, Trazadone, Seroquel, Gabapertine???? Jesus Christ...that's an awful lot of drugs to maintain w/d's on .13 mg of subs IMO.  I quit subs (took them for roughly 7 years, 24mg per day) but NO, I didn't taper....to me, it seemed like it was going to be a long, drawn out process to do b/c that's what you have to do to avoid w/d. So I guess, I'm trying to figure why they have you on so many "maintenance" drugs if they're tapering you?  I'm also quite suprised to hear that a counselor is withholding your anti-depressants b/c of .13mg of subs???  ****, my dr had me on Wellbutrin XL, 24mg of subs and freakin Trazadone to sleep...with xanex for that extra cherry if I wanted it!!!  lol.....All those medicines combined can make for one crazy cookie...which is what I was.
Message back as soon as you can with how long you've been at that mg, please....
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Hi I was passing by saw your message. I see that you recently reduced the subs to .13.   Were you with a pain management doctor that put you on Subs?  Only asking due to the medication gabentin that you are on.  I'm sorry you cant find a doctor to prescribe subs for you.  Have you tried a search in your area?  Medicare pays for a little for my husband to see a pain management specialist.  If I were you I would search for what you are looking for.  Again, so sorry you are suffering. Dee
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