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Does anyone have any experience with DLPA?

It's a nutritional supplement that helps ease ur mind back to normal during post accurate withdrawals. If u have any insight could u please share. Thank you!!
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Hi Dirty!

There are tons of supplements that can help balance or fire back up the brain, as it helps will cell turn over too. So much to this part...

The main thing is that it will take Time for all of those brain chems to find it's own balance. LOTS of areas of the brain are highly affected by these types of meds.

One of the best things to do is, Exercise, the Sun and Music. These help stimulate the happy chems like the Serotonin and Endorphin's ( plus so much more). Protien/Amino-Acids are great for this too.

YOU are on your way to a better life, free from all these Mind-altering substance. Just keep on stepping forward and do not look back!

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Thank u Vicki, u r great!!
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