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Does methadone make u gain weight

I have heard from many people that methadone makes you gain weight.  the doctor at the clininc and my psychiatrist and my primary care doctor all insit that it doesnt... they say it makes you crave sugar and most people gain the weight because they werent eating right before they started the program, and the done makes you crave sugar.  I need an answer from someone who is actually in the program.  I dont want to hear he said she saids... i need the truth.  I spent 600 dollars on a personal trainer last month and lost 15 pounds and 6% body fat... i dont want that to come back.  HELP
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ohhh, yeah.....I guess I should add, that I also have my life back and things are better than ever!!!  I am happy, I really am and I recommend this to anyone else. Again, I dont know how I will get off it, but I know that ir will be a slow, slow, long process. But I will cross that bridge later. Right now, I am just grateful to be off the oxy/ lorcet roller coaster.
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It is so good to see you here again! You have been missed !!!!
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I'am on the Methadone Program, and have been for the past 6 months.
I am very happy to be drug free! Although, Sadly I've gained alot of weight.
My healthy weight has always fluctuated between 115 and 120.
However, I gained 30 LBS!!! I could not believe it. I immediately went on a diet and noticed that the weight was ALOT harder to loose. (cuz of the methadone.)
I've noticed that for the most part the weight gain has a harsher affect on women.
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yup i gained 30ibs in 6 months.the only people i hear say good things about done are the people on it and the people giving it. the clinic was so good to me when i was on it. when i came off they would not help me in anyway. i feel they set me up to fail.hoping i would come back crying with my wallet in hand. but i didn't.and how many x done user's are at the clinic helping other's. none where i was going.all i ever got was your not ready.and the last thing they want is someone helping people get off it.thats there pay check.i guess if you believe your hopeless and never want to get clean it will work 4 ya. i walked off 16 days ago and i'm not dead. i'm still xing that bridge and believe me it's a long bridge to cross.has anyone posted  i'm clean now and done was so good for my recovery. most will tell you it made it harder to get clean.i almost used H  to come off the done. thak god i stayed strong and god helped me get to this day
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I think its totally up to you. I've been on Methadone for about 15 months and I weighed about 250 and now I'm 235. ANY NARCOTIC will make you crave sweets. Just eat right. I know I'm dependant on narcotics, but I quit about a month ago and have had some withdrawals as you will with anything when you have been taking it so long. Everyone is different and you must know yourself. Be strong!
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have heard that it does make u gain weight...also loose teeth..that scared me!
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