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Does methadone make u gain weight

I have heard from many people that methadone makes you gain weight.  the doctor at the clininc and my psychiatrist and my primary care doctor all insit that it doesnt... they say it makes you crave sugar and most people gain the weight because they werent eating right before they started the program, and the done makes you crave sugar.  I need an answer from someone who is actually in the program.  I dont want to hear he said she saids... i need the truth.  I spent 600 dollars on a personal trainer last month and lost 15 pounds and 6% body fat... i dont want that to come back.  HELP
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I was on Methadone Liquid 700mgs daily, then decreased over two years...  5 Years total "Done time.  

I was 145 lbs before mdone.....  After 5 years I was 243lbs!  I craved sugar constantly, and between that and the 'done itself I am currently undergoing thousands of dollars to restore my teethe.

Since coming off the 'done and starting suboxone.....  I stopped 'done 6 months ago and without working out or changing my eating habits much I have lost 93 pounds.

That methadone is some vile stuff and I wish clinics would be honest with their patients upone intake.

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i saw your post about gaining wt while using methadone and agree completely! mostly because you mentioned the edema/water wt gain as being your main problem. mine too! and it's severe. my lower legs are so swollen and they're rock hard. they're an ugly red colour and very hot to the touch! has it ever seemed to you that the really massive water retention gets worse when you become constipated? it's like being constipated somehow blocks your urethra or somthing, i dunno. i've found when i take care of that, the edema lessens, but not nearly all the way. i was in the hospital a while back and for various reasons they jammed a needle full of narcan into my arm --- i wasn't overdosing, which is what the drug is for. anyway, it sent me into precipitated withdrawal .. an withdrawal unlike any other and so much worse than running out of dope and feeling sick. it was really frightening and horrible to go through. anyway, while i was in the hospital i was hooked to a catheter and when my opiate receptors were wiped clean and i started peeing, it was like i'd never stop. i filled up two of those rather large bags with urine in a matter of 15 minutes tops.

i was wondering if you had any tricks for dealing with edema that i may not have heard of. this is my first post, so i guess i look for an answer here? will do.

thanks for reading,
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Methadone is not the same thing as Meth which is methamphetamine.  Please do not make this assumption.  Methadone is a Rx drug while meth is an illegal street drug.
METHADONE DOES NOT ROT YOUR TEETH!!  Methadone causes dry mouth which can lead to tooth decay.  This is preventable though, talk to your dentist.
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YES!!!!!   I have been on methadone for 15 months and was 120 when I started now I am 168 I am so miserable and embarassed to even leave the house none of my clothes fit anymore. I was always confident but not anymore I crave sweets constantly. I feel like getting back on oxy at least I was skinny I now it sounds stupid but I cant stand this. After reading everyones comments on this and other websites about methodone and weight gain I have decided to start tapering off. The problem is my husband is on methodone too and Im scared I will be tempted to ask him for some of his if Im craving to get high after I quit. But I have to remember the weight I have gained and hopefully I wont be tempted. It is very hard to control the cravings especially in the middle of the night also the water retention in your body causes you too look swollen. I was always small even after three kids I got back down to 120. So I would try subnoxen I hear its better but more expensive. Im at a free clinic so that wouldnt work for me.
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The Methadonme clinic and advocates will ALL say methadone-the actual drug- DOES NOT make you GAIN weight.... its the fact that most pple are sooo malnurished, and are sooo used to NOT eating that when they get one methadone, and get clean....they start eating "normally" and therefore gain the weight.  I, too, was 120 pounds @ 5'7'', but Ive been on MMT (Methadone Maitence Treatment) for about 4 months now and weight 150.... However, I feel as though Im actucally eating LESS than I did when I was using herion and other narcotics.... I do believe it makes women espically retain water weight!!  Ive been really trying to drink lots of water while on it-I mean about 9 bottles a day, and Ive started losing, slowly but surely, some weight again... about 10 pounds.  My boyfriend was a football player when he got on methadone, he weighted 150 @ 6 feet tall... he was VERY thin... However, hes been clean and @ the clinic for 6 years now and has put on 100 pounds over those years.  He recently got kicked out and rapidly detoxed @ 3mg a day, out of the clinic, and although he was and still in in a GREAT deal of pain and torture.... the weight is falling off him.... but perhaps that is because his withdrawls include sever nausea, vomitting, and diarrhea.  I know I looked better before I got on MMT, however, I had a 3,000 dollar a month habit, and was VERY unhealthy trying to get oxys or herion...and having to sell it as well to make ends meet and feed my addiction.  So, I guess you must literily take in the good and weight it in with the bad.... Alot of pple DO gain weight... but they were used to NOT eating at all, and running all over town to get their fix...so, when they stopped that, they became sedemetary /w their lifestyles, and started eating... thus, the weight poured on.  I havent yet felt like working out because my dosage still isnt stable, but I used to before I became an addict.  I think thats also key to keeping you current weight, or losing, when on methadone.  Plus, if your 145 pounds of muscle, you look way leaner, and your clothes will fit you WAY better than a person who is just 145 pounds of fat.... So I suggest, drink lots of water to flush out the water weight, and start a reguar workout regime of cardio and weight lifting/body sculpting every other day.... Plus, workingout will help you resist temptation to use since youll be busy and have your mind active.  I wouldnt suggest getting off methadone, just so you will lose weight.... Yes, you will lose it.... but take it from one whos seen how bad methadone withdrawl is-its a *****....even after months of not using it.  And then....there are still those girls I see in line that are still super skinny and on 150  mgs..... sooo go fig....But then again, they could still be using crack...or some other drug that makes you not eat.  I honestly havent seen a change in my craving for sweets though....but weight gain, yes.  But the way I see it, Id rather be a few pounds heavy, then be back to where I was when I was thin, I wont even go back to that lifestyle, even if I become obese.... But thats your personal choice.... GOOD LUCK everyone, hope this helps!! ~Lindz
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I can tell you from my experience of starting at 30mgs methadone,ending at 210mgs. I thought I was happy for awhile.I was on it 14 years.In the end I went c/t and I swear I had no energy for a full year.It slowly came back.Ive always eaten balanced meals-I too gained weight and am still slowly losing that too.On Feb 8th it will be 4 years clean from methadone.I look back on that as my "dark years"Now Im having a problem with tramadol,but nothing could be worse than coming off that methadone.People who have been on it will give you the truth,others believe the ********-then repeat it.good luck......
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