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Does tapering off opiates get easier?

I have been on a huge amount of opiates.  I am working with my primary care doctor to taper down.  I am at day 20 right now.  I am reducing the meds every 4th day which has been pretty aggressive.  I have not adjusted to the last reduction and I am suppose to do it again tomorrow.  

Will the tapering get easier as I have less in my system?  Right now I feel like it keeps getting harder.

20 days ago I was taking all of these every day:
2 - 40mg zohydro
1 - 80mg Oxycontin
2 - 60mg Oxycontin
8 - 10/325  Norco
8 - 5mg Oxy IR

Today I am taking:
0 - zohydro
2 - 20mg Oxycontin
4-5 - 10/325 Norco
4-5 - 5mg Oxy IR

I still have a long road ahead but I feel like it is getting harder every day.
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Hi  well first off your on a boatload of pills and there is no ez way off that   Tapering can help but as you can see it is uncomfortable to do  it sorta spreads the withdrawal out over a long period at the dose your on it is the best way  it also gets harder the lower your dose so it would be good to get the dose down until it is more manageable then jump ship  just know it can be done  keep posting for support   Gnarly
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it got harder for me even though we have different stories I also went every 4 days just not on the amount of meds you on but you can do it just takes alot of will power and I mean alot
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that is a very aggressive reduction in your meds in just 20 days.
you dropped more than half your dose. no wonder you feel so bad.
you should really stay at this dosage for a week or two to let your body adjust.
did you see your doctor yet today?
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Yes it is but you are going super fast. You need to slow downs d let your body adjust to each drop. I dropped every 1 1/2 to 2 weeks.

Iwoyld also suggest you taper one medicine stay time. And you can break the pills in 1/2 too.
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