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Dominosarah has hit the 6 year mark!

Our friend sara has a special day today, 6 years clean for her today if my math is correct.
Please join with me in wishing her a special day.
She has been a support to me and many others here and is a very special person.
sara you can't realize how many folks you have helped get clean and stay that way just because you have shown grace, support, and caring to all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! oh, and Guard Up!
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This is great n now I have tears of joy for u.  You have been a blessing to me n so many others. You have touched my life n a way that I can not put into words. You have pi $$ ed me off n a way I can not put into words.  Lol. You have place n my heart n mind always. There were so many lonely nights where I struggled with life n there u were. When I lost my step dad u were there to walk me thru it all. Even gave me the right words to say when I left the casket. "See ya later" which I used n other funerals to follow. I can go on n on. I am a better person for having known u. I've been blessed by u my fran. :) I love u to the moon n back.
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Wow! Congratulations Sarah! 6 years is a HUGE accomplishment. An inspiration to say the least. Thanks for all you do around here. Your words of wisdom are always appreciated! Have a blessed day :)
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Sarah thanks so much for all the support you have given me over all these months! I am in awe of your clean time and you! Congratulations!
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Happy 6 years to you DominoSarah! You are such a strong and amazing lady. Thank you for all that you do and all the people that you help. Go out and treat yourself today and celebrate! :)
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You should be SOOOO proud of yourself!  I know I'm proud of you.  You've helped so many people, you spend so much time teaching and encouraging others, you're real and honest, you're such an inspiration to so many, you have no idea.

Do something extra special for yourself today my dear friend.  You deserve it, and so much more!  <3  Big hugs!
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Wow Sarah congrats on 6 freaking years. Way to go. Thank you for all the words of wisdom and encouragement.
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Congratulations Sara !! 6 years :)) My heart is full of the words I want to say
but my brain can not put them into words.. Thank you for all the time you spend here. You have no idea how much you add too this forum. You give it a sense of stability, A firm but kind guidance that seems to effect all, Me in particular but I knew you before you were Community Leader lol so I also know the Bawdy funnier then hell straight shooter you are This with the heart the size of your personality.. I'm so Grateful You are no longer overshadow by addiction.. I'm Grateful we travel our paths together for this time for you have been a Big Influence on myself and the growth that needed to take place from my experiences.. You were put in my life friend for the Creator knows :) Thank you.. Keep doing what you are doing sara being honest open Lead by example always. Love you.. lesa
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Holy Moly Mama!!! 6 years!!!!!! Damn you should be so proud. I look up to you very much!
I hope you have a wonderful Day!!!!! XO
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Congratulations! your consistency and empathy, shown through answers to posts have have helped so many, thank you!
I have tremendous respect for you...
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Congragulations!  to you!!!!  6 years, my God is that a lot of time!  Tell us, how do you like your life today, compared to what it was when using?  I love to hear these stories!  Way to go!
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I really don't have the words to express how I feel about you. It's all selfish - you pushing me when I was in detox hell, telling me what to do, to stop the self pity, etc. Then, being there during the last two plus years; always supportive, always spot on. My life has changed, thus the life of my wife and children has changed - all for the better. Living now is a joy, not a chore.
I wish you all the happiness in the world. Many, many congratulations.
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Congratulations on still feeling after 6 years. Thanks for all of you, it has meant a new world to me.
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Awe Sara.  Thanks so much for all you have done for me and so many others on this site.  You've been a rock for me in my two plus year journey and I couldn't be happier or more grateful for you.
Much Love..
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wow 6 years congratulations you are such an inspiration!!
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6 years is pure awe-inspiring!  Congratulations to you on this immense accomplishment.  Thank you for your support on MH for all of us!  You are quite an amazing woman and know exactly the words we need to hear, when we need to hear them. God Bless and do something special for you!
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Congrats sarah! This is super amazing!
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congrats on 6 yrs  dang thats a nice chunk of time.....hopefully we all get 2 that point eventually!!  1 day a time of course!!  
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I always look forward to your posts Sarah...thanks for being here , hugs...and congratulations!!
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Sara, you have helped me more than you will ever know.  You are straight and to the point, and I keep your words close to draw from in my times of weakness.  

Congratulations, my Friend!!  I appreciate the hard work it's taken you to get to this day.  I think you are just amazing!  xo
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Congratulations Sarah!!  WOW, 6 years, amazing!
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Oh Sarah , what a wonderful day it is!!!! Thank you for being there for me and everyone else. God Bless
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WOW!!! For some reason I thought it was 7 years..lmao! Well that does not matter, what matters is that you are Such a Inspiration around here.
Lets NOT forget this is why she is our COMMUNITY LEADER!!
I know you might not show your face on here sometimes, but you are always Lurking around here and keeping a eye on us..lol
Personally I want to thank YOU for being SO supportive for me and my Mom and also being there walking with me all the way since the first one died all the way to the last one. You words gave me so much strength and wisdom.
AND I have gotten a bit better about reading between the lines..ha! I just love it how you can come in and say 4 words that take me like half a book to say! You are very LOVED my Girl.
Go out to a Nice Romantic Candle light dinner tonight..If you do not have to work of coarse!
Bless U Always & Forever.
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Congratulations Sarah~! You truly are an inspiration lovely lady. You are often a woman of few words but behind your words are wisdom and truth and experience.  Thank you for sharing your experience, strength, and hope with us all.  And thank you for helping me to stay sober for more day. You're rockin' this ONE day at a time life girl... keep at it... blessed to know you and share part of your journey.

Keep comin' back!  
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Hip, hip, hooray!!! Congrats on 6 years Sara! You're incredible!! Thank you soo much for being their for me. You're such an awesome person and we ALL love u on here. Thank you for saving my life-
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