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Double Digits!

Good morning everyone, happy Monday!  You may think that's an oxymoron, like saying plastic silverware or jumbo shrimp.  But to me, this is a happy Monday because it is my day 10 clean from years of vicodin habit.

I started feeling the first traces of PAWS over the weekend, but I knew that was coming.  I think this week will be the mental part of this battle, from what I've read from you other folks who got out a couple weeks ahead of me.  I'm ready for that, and have prepared the wife for the inevitable gloom.  

Because of the PAWS, I can't really say I'm doing perfect yet, and know I have a ways more to go.  But wow, everything else is really getting or has gotten better.  I'm actually sleeping at least 5 hours a night at this point, and actually slept 7 straight last night.   I feel much more clearheaded, because I don't have the pervasive thoughts about "Gotta hurry home, get some vics", and because well...I've been clean 10 days!

Just a note to you folks in your first week:  HOLD ON.  

I do have a question.  What other things can I do to mitigate PAWS a litlte?
Thus far, I am:
1-Taking a daily antidepressant(wellbutrin)
2-Taking my multivitamin
3-Taking my stress vitamin pack(New Chapter Stress Take Care)
4-Exercising each day(riding the bike, makes my legs feel great)
5-Taking it to the hot tub each day

But what else can I do?  I really appreciate the tips, and further, the fact that all of you have been here for me through this.

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Congrats to you! Major accomplishment and you should be very proud of yourself!! You are doing great! And each day just gets better and better. Stay positive and stay strong, I believe that you are delivered from this addiction, confess it daily! Just remember that positive energy goes a long long way! Big hugz
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Glad u r hanging in there jt...try ur hardest to make it..it is all u can do is give it ur best
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Hey...congrats on 10 days...It really does get better by leaps instead of inches, from this point forward.  For me...the second week is actually a bigger challenge for me, in terms of the detox process.  It is really hard to feel good physically but not have motivation, energy...and a general lack of "feeling like myself".

Just like getting your body in shape...you need to get your brain back in shape as well.  First, stay positive...it is amazing what a good outlook can do.  Sometimes very hard...but just tune out those negative thoughts.  Second, challenge yourself.  Think of things you can do to say active.  Is there a project around the house that needs completing?  Is there a hobby you have been meaning to start?  Basically, do not sit back and wait for things to happen...cause they won't.  Take control and force your brain back into action.

Hope this helps...again, congrats on 10 days!!
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Congrats.  I am waking up to day 8 and I am hopeful and scared.  Definteily feeling the PAWS kick in and I am still getting pretty terrible sleep.  I see a drug dr for the first time today so I hope that helps...I'm sure it will.  I have to go back to work today though and I am pretty scared of that...work in the past has been an excuse to use when i get overwhelmed.  Just have to Breathe and Post i guess
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Can someone tell me what PAWS is??  Just curious.  Seen it before on here and want to understand it.  Thanks.  
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