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Hello Everyone. First I want to say THANKS to Everyone. All your posts have kept me motivated. I am on day 23 after quitting CT Tramadol (3 Years.) Sometimes when I am feeling down, I just come to this forum and read. Then I know I am not alone. Anyway, most of my WD symptoms are subsiding. I am sleeping pretty well and almost no sneezing. But, my energy level is really low. I do get fresh air, take vitamins and push myself to exercise. Any idea when the energy comes back? I get tired walking up a flight of stairs!
Thanks again-- even though I do not post often, reading the posts helps alot!
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over 2 months for me and my energy is returning...I see my workouts getting longer and more frequent..i have even been working out after work again which is definitely a come back for me as i was doing it mostly on weekends and 20-30 minutes here and there at lunch..i was too tired after work to fool with it...hang in there...the aminos are great...the B-12 and complexes...energy drinks help me as well...I am going to try and take my dhea more regularly too as a doctor recommended it for a friend of mine and i have always taken small doses but not regularly...I asked my doc about dhea...my pain doc is real into anti-aging and he likes the dhea..he is also taking testosterone supplements...aint touching that one!  dont want hair on my chest...good luck and hang in there
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hope, if you are not on a tricyclic or ssri antidepressant .I would try 2 supplements Ltyrosine and SAM E they really help mood and energy they did the trick for me in two weeks when I withdrawed from tramadol.
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Okay, at 3 1/2 months, energy & sleep is back.  BUT, I will have some sleepless nights still, and some days I'll wake up feeling like I'm still detoxing.  That part makes me want to use to feel better.  I just try to forget how sluggish I feel and start moving fast.
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Hi and it is great to see you are doing well.  Keep up the good work!  I still have lots of no energy days, but I have some issues I am trying to get resolved.  So hopefully we will both be energized soon lol  
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