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Ease the Pain

I've been addicted to norcos for about a year now.  I quit once and was doing quite well, but then a bottle of them essentially fell in my lap and I had the mentality that I could just take a couple here and there, and once the bottle was done, I'd go back to being done.  Unfortunately, that's not how it played out.  After the bottle of 20 was finished the withdrawal effects immediately came rushing back.  So here I am again, addicted to this ******** that I have let take the lead in my life yet again.

I just want to feel better.  I was to start my day without having to count out how many pills I have.  I want to go about my hours without worrying who's going to replenish my supply.  (feels pretty therapeutic to write about this since NO ONE in my life knows about my extra curricular activities).  

As of this morning I took the last two norcos I had.  I do not plan to purchase anymore.  
If anyone could suggest the best regimen for me to stop (i.e.: what vitamins to take for the different withdrawal effects, things I could eat, exercises I could do, etc.).  I'm fully aware there's no way to avoid the w/d effects, and that this is going to be really hard work either way.  I just want this to stick.  I want to be strong and beat this **** for the final time.  

The thing that is most unbearable for me is the back pain.  My lower back gets to be in so much pain it feels as if I can't even move.  Is there any sort of non narcotic medication that would help with that?  Or anything I could do for that matter?

I really appreciate any sort of help, suggestions, or shared similar experiences..
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Thomas recipe for sure
Ice or heat on back for comfort warm baths with epsom salt late at night, and keep yourself busy dont get into your head, know your worth it dont give up faith or hope and believe YOU can do this!!
Follow up with na/aa and get a support group
I am here if you need someone
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I can tell you what worked for me...39 days clean today. I started the Thomas recipe and followed that to a tee! I would make myself get out of bed every day even if I did not want to! Make sure to have Imodium for the potty issues, drink plenty of water, Gatorade, insure, what ever you can get. I ate so many salten crackers cause food sounded horrible! You have to make yourself eat and drink! Make yourself get outside the fresh air is so much help. After the first 3-5 days you will feel better then the head games start! Exercise or walk as much as you can. I now take Aleve for the pain as my pain went from 8-9 to a 3-4 after withdrawing the norcos! PM me if you need any I am here and keep on this site there are so many people to help you and yes they saved me! Good luck
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Hey! Welcome and congratulations on taking your life back!! Some things that worked for me were: Hot baths to relax (sometimes 4 and 5 a day), LOTS OF LIQUIDS , u have to stay hydrated.., melatonin for sleep, HYLANDS for RLS, music to keep my mind off the pills, and posting here for encouragement and support!! You can do this..one,choice at a time... You have to cut your sources ALL OF THEM, and tell your secret! Let people close to you know about your addiction. It helps to hold you accountable! Remember ONE IS TO MANY AND 1000 ISN'T ENOUGH
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