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Eleven year old says NO

Wanted to share a ah ha moment. Back in December my grandson had brain sergury @ Duke Hospital. In icu he was given morphine. They told his mother ( my daughter ) that he would probally have some temp. memory lost and that was normal. Well one day in his regular room he asked his mom : When did they change my room. Gina replied this is the same room you have always been in . He said no it's not. OK son.Kendal asked for something to drink so my daughter got up to get his cup and couldn't find it ,,,she looked everywhere finally she asked Kendal ..Son , have you seen your cup? ......He looked at her sleepshly and replied It's probally back in that other roon you told me I wasn't moved from. LOL Well they switched him from morphine to oxycodine (sp) so he could go home on Thursday. So He took the pills Thursday, Friday and on Saturday when my daughter was doing a pain level check she asked him did he need a pain pill NOW IT GETS GOOD. He said No...throw that junk away I don't like the way it makes me feel...The wisdom of a child. If only we all had had the insifgt he did. Thanks for letting me share.
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Very nice....I'm glad your grandson is home and doing well. My hubby is the same way. Had a ton of hydros for multiple breaks and surgeries (motocross rider) but hates the way they make him feel. He always says "I'll just tough it out." Geez, why can't we all be like that? LOL
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i agree with gizzy, tell him to come here  ! good luck to him  too.
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Do you think he would come on here and give us idiots some advice? Lol. I hope he is doing ok after surgery, wow, sounds like a tough lil guy.
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