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FULLY DETOX/methadone succesfully?dose(95-46mg) tapering at 2mg/wk @threshold

2 years ago I was coming down off methadone and found out I was pregnant. It was very upsetting news at first, not having my first daughter (child) with my husband, but that I was soooo close to being off and now I had to go back up! Had to start over, tapering, after she was born. Fast Forward-
my daughter is 20 months now, I was at 95mg when she was born. (Was at 30mg when found out preggo from 80mg.) currently at 46 mg. Been going down 2 mg a week. I felt fine until I hit 40mg. I HAD to stop and let my body adjust. My brain as well. I was disappointed I had to go back to 55 to feel any relief. I kept telling myself it’s still almost half of my previous dose (95mg), halfway there! [IV Heroin 8 years from roxys, methadone now 3 almost 4 years due to pregnancy] My body needed 2 months to adjust to the change. Now at 46mg and coming down 2 mg a week again- I feel the change (hot cold sweats, irritability, stomach typical stuff) nothing intolerable. *****I am having trouble finding a way to FULLY detox. NO MEDICINE WHAT SO EVER FOR OPIATE ADDICTION :) it’s been years since I’ve been mentally “clean” no thoughts/ cravings. It’s my body. No longer a benefit for me. The clinic is trying to keep me there. I have mental health anxiety bipolar so I’m dual diagnosis. I feel there is no possible way I can stay at the clinic and be comfortable going all the way down to zero. As I am feeling the difference at 46. My threshold is close by! Always difficult to find help! Stinks! Recently got my medical mj license. It does help. Advice, personal experiences?! HELLLP I am SOOOO ready- with no direction to go!
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I am on my 8th day off methadose weened down 150mg to .5 mg over a year -half I am felling way better today not much anziety and no jimmy legs forced myself to walk and workout three days ago think the worst is over
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Hey Vinny---  how is it going?!  Did you make it through the weekend okay?  It's hard but you are headed in the right direction. Just wanted to see how you are doing.
thanks for the comment I have not been reaching out because I did not like some of the Debbie downer news on this site. its been 16 days and im still not out in the clear yet still having some anziety I have been forcing myself to ride my bike and exercise, head fog comes and goes o.d.a.a.t thanks
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I'm feeling you. Without boring you with my entire sordid past, let me try to help.
I was on Methadone for 6 years +, at 150mg/day for most. Titrated down over 2 years to 34mg/day. I felt pretty much miserable for most of it. My body and mind fighting me on a jagged path down, holding at a dose when I couldn't stand it, and having to climb back up several times so I wouldn't kill somebody or myself.
Kratom seems to work for some people, a friend and her daughter swear by it. It is fairly expensive and really didn't help me. I also tried the Methadone related supplements, again, more $ out, little if any relief. I  bounced at 34mg/day. It was rough enough to put me in the hospital for 3-4 days. They didn't help me with a 10 or 15 10mg methadone pills.
Still there? SORRY. Here's what helps; Clonidine 0.1/mg twice daily and the generic for serequil(sp?), which is QUEtapine Fumarate 25mg/each take 2 at bedtime..as if it matters, sleep is a relative term in withdrawals. I shared my doseage although you .ay require different based on age, weight, etc.
The clonindine lowers blood pressure relieving tension, pain and anxiety,  blah, blah..
Serequil works on the brain to help clear extreme dizziness, ringing in ears and confusion.
Your still in for a fight. Im two months out. Just recently have I felt like I could get up. I mean exactly that. I haven't been able to share my kiddos with ex, drive, or pretty much anything.
It took all of 5 to 6 weeks to get enough relief to know I could make it wothout getting back on the ****. Ive detoxed off of oxy, H, Suboxine, blah, blah..Methadone is far and away longest because it deposits into body tissue, fat and BONES. Isn't thar a factoid that I might have wanted to hear, BEFORE this trip to and back from Satan's Seventh Circle of HELL? I digress. It's worth it! My old calm, confident demeanor that served me so well is shining through the smoke. Also, my BRAIN is starting to work again, I was in a constant hurrh up mode, accomplishing nothing, and had no idea why. I just thought I was losing it, too many surgeries, pain, losing career to disability, blah, blah, who cares.
Hang in there, stay focused on your Zen, your inevitable victory..You Got This...po
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