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Feeling Good!!

Hey...I posted yesterday asking if the worst part of withdrawls are over and I believe they are. I am on day 3 and I feel good. I didnt sleep great, but I slept alot better last night then I did the other nights! I just wanted to post to tell everyone that I didnt stop taking lortabs for a long time beause I was so afraid of how horrible I would feel, so I wanted to write and tell everyone it isnt as bad as you may think. I may be one of the lucky ones...but its day 3 and other then being sleepy I have no other problems. :)
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Congrats on day 3!!! Keep up the good work!!!
Luv, Jacky
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Congratulations rayray!
Stick to it and don't use no matter what!
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Now that the withdrawals are subsiding, the hard part starts. What's your aftercare plan?
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