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Fentanyl W/D Questions

Ok so I’ve been on Fentanyl only about a year now. I kind of tapered slowly off of it myself. I would end up cutting the 100s(duragesic) patches in half and then quarters. Sometimes I would even cut them in small pieces maybe a tenth of the size of the patch and chew on it and immediately all withdrawal feelings would get better. I’m only on day 5 stopping completely but I haven’t slept in 4 straight days. I’m in the electrical field and I have to have a clear head but every 10 minutes the chills come and then some sweating but not significant as far as sweating goes. The chills for me are the absolute worst, well besides the fact that I feel like someone is scraping inside my knees and ankles when I’m sleeping and the restless is ridiculous. I’ll fall asleep around 7 or 8 hoping to sleep prior to feeling the restlessness but I end up waking up at 12 and staring at nothing until 6 am when I head to work. No matter how I try to taper or completely stop it just gets unbearable. I work like a zombie in complete pain and lethargy. How long does this take? I don’t ever want to take another pain med again and I feel like taking a Percocet would help but it’s doing the same thing by putting an opiate back in my system. How long do I have to endure this? I ask because I’m not sure I can last an entire week at work trying to handle zero sleep and chills and all the symptoms I’m sure you guys know about. I don’t want to check into a clinic because I’m about to be working as a gs11 which is a freaking great job and I can’t have any kind of clinic like that on my record. Not to mention my dad was a navy seal for 35 years retired as a high ranking officer(captain) only one rank is above that and my mom was a department head for dcf. I can’t ruin my family name because of my issues. I’m just looking for a timeline or something that can ease the pain without having to go to a doctor for withdrawals.
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Hello and welcome.
How long of a taper did you do  from the hundred?
Yes to completely withdraw and detox do not take anymore opiates. You are healing each day. You have to be patient with the process.
Lots and lots of fluids. Stay away from caffeine.
Are you able to eat?
Healthy proteins, veggies, fruits.
Hot epsom salt (magnesium)  baths will help the restlessness.. Hylands for leg cramps, magnesium & bananas will help your legs.
You can try sleepy time tea, valerian root, melatonin to help calm yourself and try to get some rest.
What will you do to help keep  yourself clean? Support groups, AA, NA, smart recovery, celebrate recovery. You can see a therapist, church, new hobbys, activities.
Keep on keepin' on.

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Are you still chewing on the fentanyl patches? If you are, that's why the symptoms are ongoing.
Try imodium for the stomach upset, it also helps ease some of the withdrawal symptoms. Gatorade to keep your electrolytes in balance, and provide needed nutrients and fluids. Hylands restless legs help ease those symptoms, along with a hot bath with Epsom salts to relax you and your muscles. Bananas also ease muscle aches.
Melatonin or tylenol PM can help you sleep, but I would avoid going to bed so early, that's why you aren't sleeping through the night. Also excercise helps tire you out and then the hot bath after should help.
If you are taking any opiate, it will prolong the withdrawal, and the symptoms will continue.
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I promise it will get better. I don't know you but I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work and do exactly what the other two people said bananas Epsom salt baths. Please don't go to bed too early.  Vitamins Tylenol PM.  You got this you're a strong individual. But if you can't take it find somewhere that has nothing but privacy to where they can't disclose a word. But I'm sure if you need help your father and mother are not going to feel that way. They just won't because they truly love you and they wouldn't want to see you this way. If it were my sons and they were this bad off I would want them to come to me and I would do everything in my power to help them. Plus not to mention with your job you could get hurt. Just stay on your game.

Good luck keep in touch.
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