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Finally Clean!!!!!!

Hey guys, I haven't been on here in awhile, I was still using lortabs but, I finally decided to get help! The withdrawals were too horrible for me to quit on my own so I went to the hospital & got detoxed then went to rehab for 30 days. Today makes 42 days I've been clean! I am so happy I'm off that mess. I'm still depressed though & have body aches & skin crawls sometimes but, I know it will get better each day. I'ts a tough battle but, your life is worth it!
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That is absolutely wonderfull!!! Congratulations and God Bless...
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42 days is awesome!!!!  I am right behind u.  You are right, it is a tough battle, but sooooo worth it!  Keep it up, you are doing great.
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Great news.  Be proud of yourself.

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Wonderful you found a way to get clean.  Keep strong and guard your sobriety!
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That is AWESOME, I am so Proud, Keep up the good work, and pray for us, I am on day 3 of quitting Loratab, Lord it has been rough, but I hope it gets better day by day,  God Bless and you are in my prayers
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That is WONDERFUL and I think you made the right choice! How are you doing now, 7 months later??
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