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Finally went through my detox

Hi everyone just got home my medical detox man that was hard I have a question I am 8 days clean I'm having anxiety still can't sleep feels like I can't take a deep breath it's driving me nuts normally how long does it last
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Hi corey and congrats on 8days.

The anxiety and sleep will go on for a bit longer and this will improve, as each day gets better then the last. It does take time for all your Brain wiring to balance back and fire up. These pills highly affect the nervous system when we come clean. The brain sends singles to the body as it heals too. I am a bit concerned about the Breathing thing. I had that for awhile, but I also did not know I had a Heart condition either at that time. Maybe talk with the Dr about the Breathing if it does not stop soon. Are you getting any exercise??? The pills do suppress are respiratory system,  so it could be that you are still healing. Are YOU getting any aftercare. Remember, the detox is the easy part, (hard) but working on staying clean is where the real work begins. Keep in the day and push on!!
Good for YOU!!
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Hey Congrats on 8 days clean.....wile in the detox did they give you any meds??? often they do and once your out your on your own  just know with time you will start sleeping again....the breathing thing is probably just anxiety...I do second what Vic said aftercare is a critical part of recovery  for me the N/A progam works the best google a N/A meeting near you and go....keep posting for support
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They tapper me on tramadol so sat was my last dose im sure I will feel crappy a few more days yes I have after care set up I hope I start feeling better very soon
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hang in there corey the detox is tough and its still so early in your recovery.  be patient with yourself and stick with it.  it will pay off, you'll see.  the anxiety and lack of sleep are difficult, but it will get better with time.  good job with the detox

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Thanks everyone I know I need to be patient I wanted this for so so long I pray pray I can control my pain with non naco narcotic meds I goto my doc Mon
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One thing that's going to be the best is not worrying about running out of pills are counting on I'm just so ready to get my life started
Corey not having to worry about, if and when the next load of pills are due is a massive load of your mind so you can focus on other things now and move forward with your life.
Well Done You. Keep it up.
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Today I had a good turn around only feeling a little crappy was able get a few hrs sleep went to meeting clean my house made dinner feeling very positive not even thinking about those nasty pills
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Did you do a detox in a regular hospital? Did your insurance cover it?

I had to get short-term insurance because I am in-between jobs and it doesn't cover substance abuse, so I'm going to assume even a hospital detox won't be covered.
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Hi I went to a treatment center/rehab did a 7 day detox my Inc would of allowed me to stay 30 days but I couldn't do that I only could take 2 week off work so I'm attending meetings at home.If your trying to get off this crap you can do it.I have a very bad back injury I think I felt worse on the pills good luck to you
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Many of us found our pain actually got better once we were off the meds.  Hopefully this will be your case too.  You are doing great so keep it going~
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