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Fioricet Withdrawal

I've been slow increasing my Fioricet dosage over the past year.  I was up to six a day over the past 2 months.  It will be 14 days ago tonight that I took my last dose.  I quit cold turkey.  The rebound headaches were horrible, but the anxiety is killing me.  It doesn't go away.  I feel it may have lessened some, but I'm having trouble with panic and my heart feels like it will beat out of my chest.  Please - if anyone can give me some encouragement that this will go away soon I would appreciate.  It's hard to live like this.
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You came off of your floricet really fast. Even though it’s been 14 days your still gonna feel withdrawls.  It’s no fun to feel like this and I feel for you.  Can you see a doctor for help? A doctor can prescribe comfort meds to help during this time.
My doctor upped my Zoloft by 50mg.  That's it.  How long should I expect this anxiety?
Everyone is different so I can’t say.  But anxiety and insomnia tend to be most common.  Can you go back to the doctor and tell him/her the troubles your having?
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Fioricet/Fiorinal is a drug that must be tapered. Shame on your doctor!

Check your private messages. I answered your questions there.
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