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First day of Methadone Intake in the morning, SCARED and curious

Hi everyone.. I am honestly hoping that someone would read this and reply. So here goes, I am going to begin Methadone Detox/Treatment tomorrow morning for intake. I was told this is a counseling session, bloodwork, etc. i have no idea what to expect, so if anyone who has been though this before could help me easy my fears I would appreciate it more than you could know. Are they going to begin me on treatment tomorrow? Or am I going to have to wait until who knows and go into withdrawl and stuff...
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Hi...don't be scared. They might start your treatment tomorrow.  I used to be on a methadone program & it helped me stay clean.  It was the best decision I ever made. When I went to my first day, they didn't start me, but it took about two weeks.  Once I had started taking methadone as prescribed it took about a month for me to clean up.  I had fantastic counselling where I never felt judged only encouraged... I told the truth about what I was using & wanted to stop.  The methadone made me feel heaps better and I didn't need to use to get out of bed.

The first couple of days I did feel a little out of it with my dose, but that subsided as my dose was adjusted.  I remember feeling guilty that I felt out of it.

I really hope they can start you tomorrow...it's always nicer to start when you want, not to wait incase you change your mind.  It was nice to still take something...that way I didn't feel as if I had "quit" completely.

Go for it!  It isn't as hard as I thought it would be.  There are some incredibly trying moments, but they pass & life is definately better without using.  Its more real.  I have some very down times, just this morning I was really unhappy, but it isn't that horrible gut-wrenching tormenting sadness that was almost a physical pain that I used to feel when I was using.

(I'm logged onto someone else's account...I'm Tallullah73) - I wish you the best of luck and honestly what I wish I had done every other time I tried to stop was just stuck it out the first time I tried, because to have any kind of a life, you will need to quit using & you may as well do it today...go for it.

Love Tallullah
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Just logged as me...I haven't been monitoring this site for ages & know that there is a negative feeling towards methadone.  I just wanted to tell you that it doesn't matter what other people think, you need to do what is right for you.  If the professionals looking after you think this will work for you, then try it...I had tried just about everything & had just moved from opiates to meth when my counsellor said try the methadone program.  It worked for me.

Good luck, I'll think of you tomorrow.  It will work if you want it to.

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Gnarly should be on at some point tonight and has a ton of knowledge on methadone......sara
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HI and welcome to the forum....I was on methadone for 6 1/2yrs I will be happy to walk you threw the procedure but want you to think long and hard b/4 you go this rout ....if your just trying to beet withdrawals dont do it.....methadone withdrawals are far worst then most other withdrawals...it took a good 90 days for me to come back around after being on the stuff
and that was after a gurling 8 1/2 mo taper....methadone should only be used for the most  chronic abusers that have tried repeatedly to quit without success it is ment for sever I/V and extremely bad pill habits....if your not in one of those groups dont do it.....it was never intended to be a ''get out of jail free card'' it is a program that will put your addiction on hold so as to give you time to build up a foundation threw consoling and meetings to get yourself strong enough to stand on your own 2 feet again without active addiction getting in the way...now if you fall into one of the groups methadone can save lives....its certainly safer then shooting up and in some cases it safer then taking 25 pills a day and killing yourself with acetaminophen...just do yourself a huge favor and stay on a low dose for as short of period as possible...there are a lot of misconceptions about methadone eventually you will want to get off of it and it is difficult to say the least
if I new then what I new now I would have never taken the first dose...please dont misunderstand me...I know it saves lives and can be a helpful treatment but I also know it is over prescribed to people that have habits that dont justify going to this extream to break free from...if your on pills your withdrawals will last a week or 2 in a month you will be a lot better on methadone your sick for a month you dont start to really get better for around 90 days...you have to decide does your habit justify going from the fring pan into the fire...if it does then so be it...it beats killing yourself...on your intake you will fill out a lot of paper work they will draw blood you will meet with a dr/nurse that will give you a physical they will check you for hep-b hiv and other chronic disorders common to addicts they will establish aprox how much they think you will need depending on your habit...after all that thay will take you and dose you with 30 to 50 ml of methadone to start with...try to stay on as low of dose as you can....you will have to go there each day to get your dose...one dose will cary you threw the day...if administered right methadone will not get you high so dont go to a clinic chasing the high after your first dose the will make you sit down and wait aprox 1/2 hr to see how it effects you...you may get extremely tired from it and ''nod'' off this is one of the side effects...it will take away your withdrawals but in a sense it really is only switching your DOC to methadone it is a replacement therapy you will be requied to drop U/As to check for illicit drugs as well as prescribed benzo's...if your taking benzo's some clinics wont take you it can be very dangerous to mix the 2 and you dont get a second chance if your wrong you go into respiratory failure..please think this one threw...dont go out of fear of withdrawals we help people off pills everyday here usually at home doing it them selfs with a little support you may be able to break free of a moderate habit on your own b/4 going this rout im only telling you what I wish someone would have told me...I dont candy coat it...I wish you all the best on your decision if you need it then so be it...when your ready to get off it this fourm will still be around to help you...we can also help you now if you explain your current situation you DOC and how much your using...I will at least let you know if methadone is your only course  of action...keep posting I will look for your reply good luck and God bless......Gnarly                      
Punctuation please.
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When I started the clinic I did it because I couldnt keep a job, couldnt clean the house couldnt do anything. I was either to high or to sick. Methadone was the best thing at first. I went straight back into living life.  I thought it was great but I loved the high I got. I double dosed most days. I believe it to be more addicting then any other drug. After the first year my energy crashed and I was severly depressed which I think the methadone contributed to it. I went for the wrong reasons. I wanted an easy to find fix. Im an addict and Im addicted to instant gratification. I wasted 3 years to this and my life is out of control. The hardest thing to deal with is methadone made me numb. I had no emotions. I felt like a robot. Now that Im detoxing I cant handle my emotions. If I knew what I know now I would have taken the morphine withdrawls. I was shooting everyday and the withdrawls were no where near the hell Im in right now. I wish you luck and hope you make the right choice for you. If your like most addicts including myself you know what your gonna do already and no one is gonna say anything to change your mind. MOst have to learn themselves. I had to hit rock bottom just like everybody says. Good luck
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I woke up this morning with a pit in my stomach, and I was pretty much blown away with the feeling I got. Cl early, you guys are strangers... but its like whoever wrote to me so far I feel love from you guys that I havent felt in a while.  I have like a little glimmer of hope actually, I was thinking about not going, but I'm out the door as I write this... Thank you so much again, for the well wishes and prayers. Oh, and if anyone wants to read this or write for when I get home.. I'll get into who I am so you have an idea.  My whole life I had almost a perfect life, straight A's, cheering and softball, school activities.  But the party scene and people were where I decided to go.  At this time, I turned 25 recently, have done every drug except heroin, it just scared me to be honest...narcotic pain killers is what I use...I need pills to function every day... My body kills, and I feel like hell without it.   TTYL - xo - Heather
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Good Morning!

I was so hoping after talking with gnarly that you would reconsider. You are so young and just starting your career...life. I very much want to see you get clean and healthy. I just wish you would have done more research and listened to the members who have been there. My fear is that you think this is the only way and you are jumping into this because you are afraid of the physical withdrawal process and you were told this is the answer.

Well, I am rambling and you are already gone. I wish you the best and hope you use the program to help your recovery, meaning I hope you get counseling and utilize any other care that is offered to you.

Please let us know how you are later.
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This is one of those things that you can only learn through experience, but I hope and pray for your sake that you really read and consider the comments of the people on this thread.  I had a Lortab habit of 8-10 pills daily (off and on for 4 years or so) and I ran into a point where I wanted off but just could not face the music.  After consulting with a Dr., I decided to try the methadone route and was lucky to refuse being overdosed and stayed around 20 mg at the most, for over 1.5 years.  Although at first it appeared to be a saviour and in many respects it was for me, it allowed the immediate ability to function and regain some sense of direction in my life.  But very deftly (just like the pills) it became a crutch and a replacement for the pill addiction.

I am on Day 8 of methadone withdrawal and I tell you that is a complete ride through h----, I am not trying to scare, but I just fell compelled as part of my healing process to try and help those that are coming after me.  I know you can not truly feel what we are saying, because I had to see for myself, but I really wish I would have logged onto this site and did some sense thinking before just running into the arms of methadone.

With all that said and in consideration that you are already in, my advice would be to truly use it as method to get clean which means realizing that you are still going to have to pay the piper in the end and the longer it runs, the higher the price.  I wish you the best, I do not even know you, but I just felt compelled to let it out.  Good Luck and God Bless You.  Stay on the site, this is fantasic resource.

Pillfree in GA
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Like you or someone said, there is alot of controversy around Methadone.  I've heard some people say it "saved their life," but they will never get off, because getting off Methadone can be really hard.

My Brother tried Methadone and for him it was a total nightmare.  He couldn't get stablilized on a dose, was always "nodding off," plus you have to be there at the crack of dawn more or less to get your dose every day.

After trying it for a few months, he went into a Detox Program that took him off it in a week.  His withdrawals were so bad he used to feel like jumping out of a window.  It took him a year to get over the withdrawals.

I agree with the others that to approach this with extreme caution, or you can find yourself going from the Frying Pan into the Fire.
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Thinking of you...be proud of yourself for doing something pro-active.

Lots of love xxx
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    I totally agree w/ gnarly_1, and everyone else that says "don't do it". I'm in the middle of the worst detox w/drawals I've EVER been in and it's all from methadone. I kicked a 3 gram a day habit of heroin and it was NOTHING like this. I only joined because a "friend" said that methadone will help you " not think of getting high". That's exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately, he never told me about the detox, because he NEVER could do it. Kept going back to H. Unlike Gnarly_1 who went through 8 1/2 months of hell(and that was just the detox part of it), I'm going on 1 1/2yrs of hell (detox only. I've been there for almost 5 years now,( nice, huh?), with another year to go, at least, and believe me, I'm not bragging.
    Unless you've been trying to kick a habit for a long time and can't, don't go this route. There are too many things out there to help you (nutrition is HUGE), and you'll find a lot of it on this site, plus people who genuinely care and want to help you. You're not gonna find that at a "clinic". Plus there are NON-ADDICTIVE meds that will help tremendously with the w/drawals.
   With methadone, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, you just can't see how far away it is. It could be 8 1/2 months, or 2 1/2 yrs, or you could become a "lifer", who makes it down to a certain point, but can't make it any lower, so they raise their dose and stay for "life". I know a lot. Most peple can't even believe I would even try detoxing again, and the clinic won't help you with that UNLESS you run out of $, then they just drop your dose FAST. That's all the help you'll get, and unless you get lucky, most of the councilors are useless. I use to bring in info I found on the intenet that they never heard about. Nothing like counciling your councilors. It's a joke.
    If you have a job, fake a flu and get good friends and family around you for a couple weeks, explain your situation, and let them be your "slaves" until you kick this. If you need some persuasion, google methadone detox w/drawal symptoms, and hand them the PAGES of side-dffects, and give them a copy. That should do it.
   Unless you're going to lose your job, family, house, etc, DON'T go this route. I so wish I didn't. Even if you do hop on the done, once you get down to the low levels, the w/drawals are almost as bad a going CT, just a LOT LONGER. It'll take you the same amount of time going from, say, 80mg to 20mg as it will for you to go from 20mg to 0mg. The lower the dose, the harder the w/drawals.
    People always try to compare heroin w/drawals to a REAL BAD case of the flu. Well methadone is that, x's 10, and instead of 2 weeks of hell, depending on your dose of meth, you get anywhere from 1 to 2 yrs of w/drawal symptoms. Plus, methadone gets into your liver, kidneys, pancreas, fat cells, and bone marrow, so it takes forever to get it out of your system, nevermind the massively long half-life. Worst of all, you don't even know what you're dose will need to be, and they'll keep pumping that crap into you, and most clinics don't even care how high you go, and the ones I've gone to don't help w/ any sort of payment plan. The first place was, pay in full by Friday or we detox you 5mg a DAY. This one I'm at now takes cash ONLY, $15.00 a day or NO dose. They don't detox you, they just stop "serving you", CT.
    This is my opinion only, but this stuff shouldn't even be legal. Everyone would be better off kicking CT, whatever their opiate of choice was/is. I don't care if your habit was 3 grams of h a day of 5 or 6 80mg oxy's. Two or even three weeks seems like a long time to detox, but when I add all the time up I've spent in clinics,( 9 years total), my entire life has been put on pause. I actually wish I could be back in bed, curled up in a ball, going through w/drawals from heroin instead of this journey. I'll be up @ 2;30am, on this site, just to make a 24hr day not feel like 1 month. Oh, good luck finding a dr. once on this. My PCP dropped me once he heard I was on methadone, and I can't find a dr. that will take me, nevermind a dr. with methadone exp.
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Wow, its just tragic to hear about others' suffering.  I am so fortunate that I have never experienced any of these negative effects of methadone.  I had a clinic, a counsellor and a doctor who is an addiction specialist, and community methadone dispenser, combined with a supportive family & partner and I have only found methadone to have benefitted me by allowing me to set up a foundation from which to continue to build on my sobriety.

I had also been through the wringer with drugs and medication and I credit my recovery to the methadone.  I couldnt have done it without it.  As we are all unique, it is impotant to remember that different programs work for different people, and as so many people on this site seem to wish that they had been prevented from taking the methadone, I on the other hand, wish that I had been introduced to it much earlier, rather than go on the wild goose chase in search of being clean that I had to go through.

Whichever route one chooses, I think its important to stay focused on the one goal, which we all share, of eventually being clean from drugs.

Godspeed xx

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Hi everyone! I'm alive and well... I first went Wednesday Morning, then got evaluated and got lab work, blah blah. Yesterday morning, saw the doctor- told him about my daily drug activity, but now in retrospect I realized that I did not get into my entire life's drug history.. I'm not sure if im supposed to, or what. Then, when I drank my first dose I said wow, that was like hamster food. This older gentleman almost spit his out at the nurse because he began laughing so hard. I'm a person who, when I'm nervous I over talk and play down any negative things im going though. I've been told before that it's a fault of mine, but hopefully as I grow, I'll deal with this issue. I think they started me on 30mg yesterday, and 29mg today.. i THINK. Know what else, I got home today and checked the messages.. A doctors office said that theres 120 pills prescription ready... this wasnt expected and I'm going though it right now.. if anyones on and has anything to say Id really appreciate and look forward to advice and some words.. thanks again guys - even though still "strangers" just knowing that people have been talking to me and I actually can say all this somewhere, not just words into blank air has felt TREMENDOUS. xo-Heather
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Im happy your well. When I started at the clinic it was the best thing for me at the time. i could finally hold down a job. I could be a mom. But it didnt help for that long. The methadone depletes your energy after a year or so. You can also go way up but then its harder to come down. I was addicted to methadone on the street when I went. I love methadone but it is like a fog that covers everything in life. My best friend that I got addicted just started at the clinic. I fear for her cuz her life is to good for this. Everything is great with methadone but read up on the withdrawls. Its nothing like any other opiate. Im on day 17 and Ive been told by the people here that this will be like months till Im recovered. I would take heroin wds compared to this. The only advice I can give you is stay on a low dose and get off quick. Im not trying to change your mind about this cuz it is a good thing for a while. Mentally I needed to get it from a doctor and not hunt on the street.
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I am out the door to an intake now......
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Wow.  I just read your note and have to say, I concur.  You can pick up on my info from the note I sent to DonewithDone.  I am some 10 months out in my journey and looking back, I can't believe that I was able to stop taking methadone CT with NO medical help whatsoever.     I agree that this drug desperately hurts more people than it helps...it is frequently prescribed for chronic pain, which was my situation.  I was worried about the tylenol in the vicodin affecting my liver!!!!! Methadone is uniquely malevolent.  Technically, it's gone from your body in a few days but no one I have talked to has recovered in less than 6 months.  I am only now sleeping (most the time) most of the night. And I work out like a maniac and have a very clean diet.  It is HUGE in recovering from that drug to have the best nutrition you can manage and to exercise.  I recommend yoga.  So sorry it is taking you so long to get rid of the symptoms!  
Strength and Honor
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You call getting on methadone getting "cleaned up?"  Ha Ha, your taking the same substance (heroin) just in synthetic man-made form!  Know wonder you feel "wonderful" and back to normal!  
Ive been trying to shake methadone addiction for 12 years without luck and coming off of it, is the worse feeling in the world that maybe only heroin users can relate to. Methadone makes you also develop amotivational syndrome and users go into a slump where it takes years for anything if  nothing to ever get accomplished.
Don't fool yourself, your replacing one addiction for another. And to me, methadone is worse than heroin, because it's half life is so long there is a greater chance of overdose. Look it up, its the number one narcotic, that slows your respiratory drive to breathe than any other drug and causes more deaths per year now than any other drug. Sorry to break the news to you, but now you even have a bigger bear to try and conquer. Suboxone would be your best bet, NOT heroin's sister drug Methadone.  Good Luck!
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Hi I started going to a Dr for my back problems and broken bones from a fall. Right away he prescribes me oxys I had no idea how addictive it is or that once you take it you can't stop or else you start feeling really bad ( withdrawals) I'm not a drinker or do I like the feeling of being high on these. I didn't take it because I wanted the buzz I took it for the horrible pain. Being a hair stylist I couldn't stand on my feet all day without my back killing me. So when I started to take oxys it helped and I could work. But now I want off and told my doc, and he prescribed me methadone along with the oxys and told me to just cut back on oxys and take methadone twice a day 10 mg each. It's been a month and  now I'm reading all the post and I'm thinking he screwed me again that maybe I should just try and wean off of the oxys without methadone. I'm trying to get off this stuff, not add to my stress ,its only been a month of methadone... can I just not take it and keep on taking the oxys and slowly cut back on oxys. Will I  get sick if I stop methadone while still taking oxys. I'm really mad and scared I take the oxys pretty much just not to get sick I don't take it for the high , and I just want off. I'd rather deal with my back pain and problems. I'm happy if I can just take an ibuprophen.  I'm so scared and tired of this. I don't have an addictive behavior just didn't know anything about it and listened and did what my doc said.  What do I do how do I get off this stuff now??? It seems like the doc just keeps on writing scripts when I tell him I would like off.  I mean if he's gonna write a script what should it be to get me off this stuff without getting me dependent on something else horrible. So depressed and scared that I'm hurting my body , I have kids and I've tried getting off the oxys on my own and I  was so sick I couldnt take care of them.  I heard of a place that helps by sedative and they put you to sleep pretty much through your withdrawals ...Idk help
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check your e/mail sent you some info.......Gnarly
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Tomorrow i start methadone, I am on a 20 to 25 perc 10s a day i want off and i am terrified i dont eat any more ive lost about 50 pds I hate percs i never thought i would be one of those people but here i am. I tried cold turkey a few times to no avail so this is my last chance. wish me luck.
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The problem with methadone, even though it does work for a lot of people to get them off the drugs, is that you are then stuck on methadone.
A better answer for some people, IF they qualify, is a Buprenorphine taper  program, where if successful a person could be drug free in as little as 21 days, and not have to go through serious withdrawals. many people report  mild to none at all.

If methadone is your best option,  I agree. it's a lot better than being a junky.  But drug free would be even better. Buprenorphine treatment isn't for everyone, and isn't free.

It could be used to get off the methadone later as well. Everyone's situation is different.

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You are overdosing acetaminophen.  You are playing Russian roulette every single day.
If you kill your liver, there is no cure, You will die.

I will even say YES!  do the methadone rather than those pills!
At least you will be alive to consider other options. But do consider them after yu are stablized on the methadone.

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ThaNKS  i am on day 2 and so far so good. little rough last night but nothing i couldnt handle.
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ok so im on month 3 of meth and have not relapsed once and i have had no desire to take a pill but i have to admit i dont like the feeling at night i am fine all day till about 7 or so i started on 50 of meth and im on 40 now but i will do it good luck to all.
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