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For all those who wondered....

For those of you who messaged me and for those of you who checked in with me- THANKS....I appreciate it- BELIEVE it or not, I lost count of my days now- but I know I am in week 3- so it has been over 20 days clean now- completely detoxed- I feel great, head is CLEAR as clear can be- I still suffer a little from lack of energy, but I try and fight it.  I know some of you thought I might have relapsed, but I can tell you I know in my heart, soul, and spirit I CAN NEVER go back- I just can't go through the numbness of living life anymore- I have problems and issues, with family and life in general- finances and such- BUT- that wasn't the answer- I just have to deal, cope and stop being so hard on myself....I threw myself into my work, I concentrated on things OTHER than what my body was feeling or my mind was telling me- and it has worked- I did want to come back here though- I tell you, those first 5 days- I don't think I could have done it without all of you out here- especially FLMagi, GAGuy, trouble in ohio, and HAWK.....thanks to all of you....
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It is so good to hear from you!!! Congratulations!!!!

You are so right...living life on life's terms is not easy, but it is doable!!!

Again, good to see you. Thanks for the post!
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how wonderful! what a great start! i hope you can get aftercare for those issues that we all have...it helps me so much. way to go! off to a brand new life...good for you!
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So glad to hear from you, Ive been wondering how you were doing. You sound like you are doing so good, and dealing with LIFE.  Its so weird how you see things differently after youve been clean for a little while. At first you think youre not gonna make it and feel like hell, depressed, pain etc.  But then after you get over that bump in the road it seems to get so much smoother. I try not to let myself think its TOO smoothe though, I dont want to make myself think I am miraculously cured and free of the risk of relapse. I know its always a possiblity and have to constantly be careful. Life is full of so many ups and downs, and once youre sober you realize you really CAN deal with lifes problems without drugs!
Congrats to you on your success and I hope we can keep in touch!  
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I am sure we will keep in touch!!  I don't know if I will ever get over the bumps or the humps (:-)) But I can tell you that every day I make a conscious decision to live life- and the best thing I learned is to be kinder to myself- I made it through detox, I can make it through living each day a moment at a time- I don't know anyone who has the PEFECT life and if they do- GREAT for them- I only know I have to deal with issues only one at a time....1234 mentioned aftercare- today I have no plans for that- but I know I have to incorporate it into my daily routine- or something- I haven't gotten that far yet!  But trouble- I am curious how you are, how's the marriage and those kids of yours you love so much????  I bet your enjoying the heck out of them right now and know you made the decisions you did for them as much as yourself....
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