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For the believers in Christ who are feeling weak

When you feel sad, remember something wonderful the Lord has done for you in the past and realize that He can do it again! –Joyce Meyer
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Hi Shelly! Thanks for the inspiration this morning! I hope you are doing well!!
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Thanks! I hope the same for you. :)
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Thank you for the inspiration:

Yes all you need to do is ASK Jesus for help and it will come to you. I know from experience when you accept Christ into your life it will bring you a long way.
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i totally agree!  Thanks for sharing!
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You know, this is a great time to say, what The LORD, has done for me.. HE took a prisoner of addiction, set me free. Gave me peace that my body and soul needed and required, gives me love, shows me mercy, and none of those things do I deserve.. That has gotten me into day 31, and that will take me all the way, because HE is enough!
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Amen!!  That's awesome and HE is awesome!
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Such an uplifting post. Thanks
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So glad to help!
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amen. HE healed my body, HE healed my mind, HE saved me just in time, oh i gonna praise HIS name, each day HE'S just the same, come on and praise look what the LORD has done.
keep the faith. HE can do great and mighty things on your behalf.
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I agree with all my heart.
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Thank you all!!!! What an uplifting post it brought huge smile to my face:)  "We can do all things through Christ"  Thank you for the reminder that i have to now thank the Lord for all He has done for me.
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I think we all need to stop and think about who is REALLY in control here.   :)   So glad I could help a little. <3
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