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Hello guys. I was a heroin addict and it has been 6 years i stopped everything. Now after 6 years i tried freebase which somthing i know before but never tried it. And now it has been 1 month i am taking freebase. In average 20 days from this month. I spent like 6000$ in one month. And i hate myself that i am becoming dependent of this ****. And i lost like 10 kg in 1 month. I really need help and advice. I dont know if i became an addict maybe yes. But i know that i need ur help
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I have no experience with this, but I would say Yes you are an addict and need to stop! Other people will Chime in that have more to say then I do about this.
All I can do is offer you my support and tell you that you DONT have to live this way!!!  
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There's no question you have an addiction, it isn't even a close call.  To spend $6K in one month?  Also, cocaine is one nasty drug.  It sounds like you have a VERY heavy habit (with that kind of money), which means the chances you could face some serious medical consequences (or worse) are good.

Cocaine can be stopped cold turkey, and should be.  The worst part of the w/d should be the mental/emotional aspect, the "come down".  

So glad you reached out for help here, but you also need to seek in person addiction counseling.  Best of luck to you.
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Id suggest you going to an inpatient rehab facility. Freebasing cocaine is one of the hardest things to get clean from on your own. You need help my friend!
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