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Friends Wanting My Medication

One of my best girlfriends has neck pain (and somehow got her doctor to prescribe her Norco, without an X-ray, MRI or any proof there is a mechanical problem!)  Anyway, I am a long-term chronic pain patient and she knows I have lots of Norco.  Many times she uses up her 120 per month too soon before her refill and she asks me to give her some to tide her over so she doesn't feel any withdrawal - and I oblige.
Currently, I'm tapering off Norcos, detoxing from all opiates, and having a difficult time.  This girlfriend is aware of my condition and STILL send me a text asking me to give her some Norcos because she once again took too many before her refill is due.  
I took a deep breath and tried not to be upset.  But seriously, I'm ANNOYED!  I took 24 hours to respond to her text.  I don't want to strain the friendship and make her feel badly, and I'm the one who always gives her more when she wants it - I created this monster.
I ended up explaining in detail (over text) my situation and how challenging the withdrawal has been and then I caved in and offered her a meager 2 pills (typically I would give her 10 - 15).  She wrote back something like "never mind, I'll manage myself, you need them more, hope you feel better and see you soon"
Normally, she is a fairly considerate friend.  Should I leave the situation alone now?  What would you do?
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Well, I know it's hard to say no to a friend. But she's not valuing your friendship.  I'm sure you both know that it can be very difficult to find a good doctor to treat your chronic pain. This isn't a one-time favor she asked.  She's using your script like it's her own.  Now you're tapering, which is difficult, and she's still asking.

It is not worth jeopardizing your relationship with your doctor.  A real friend wouldn't ask that of you.  And even though it may be hard, you know you're really not being a good friend to her.  You know she's become addicted and her behavior is escalating.  Addiction is a progressive disease.and your friend needs help.  Has she ever talked about her problem?  Do you think there's any chance she'll decide to go to a treatment program?

I think you should be very clear and let her know that you are unable to help her out in the future.  When will you be finished your taper?
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Yep I totally agree w/Mary 100%!!...
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Whoops!...sorry...hit the post it button twice ...my bad!!...LOL...
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Unfortunately when we get clean..we ask ourselves; Is this a Real friend or a Pill friend. Really it is true.
You have to focus on you only..If this friend does not want to come clean then you can no longer be around them anyway..This is what we call Triggers. This is a very serious disease and it takes a whole lot of work to keep it in remission (sort of speaking) You will have to work on a whole New Life in a whole New World if you are a serious Addict.
I wish you the best on your detoxing and recovery..Stick around and we will be here for you in your times of troubles or not understanding what is going on.
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This person isn't a true friend. They've put their need (addiction) before the friendship. You were being used. Maybe in the past it was a friendship but no longer.
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Please dont feed your friend any more pills.  I would also lock them up somewhere as an addict will do whatever it takes to get their fix.  Right now her addiction is friends with you as you have norco.  Take care of you right now and if she gets mad that is on her.  I hope you are feeling better~
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thanks everyone.  I'll see how it goes the next few days
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My goodness do I know about this.  Everyone knows I have a bad back, and everyone knows that I generally have medicine.  For YEARS this has gone on.  I helped, but you MUST put your foot down and say NO.  I don't know about you but it makes me EXTREMELY anxious.  These were good friends also.  It's weird, every time I'm around them I hold my breath, cause I'm waiting for them to ask, so now I pretty much feel used.  As a matter of fact I have a very good friend, just recently (as of yesterday) I haven't been speaking to him much.  He stopped taking medicine..and has gone on to H.  I used to speak to him 3-5 times a day, but now nothing....it hurts.  Take care of yourself..your number one if they are your friends they will respect you.  If they beg, I know it's hard but say NO.
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Ugh, what a bad situation. I have no doubts that this girl is your friend, but her addiction is slowly going to take control over her actions and who she is. With enough time and abuse it happens to the best of us and when we finally decide to quit we look back on all the awful things we did to ourselves, our friends, and our families. We're not ourselves when we're addicts. Therefore you have to understand that this is not the friend that you had pre-pill abuse and you can't trust her completely until she quits abusing the meds (if she quits). I know it will be hard, but you need to try to distance yourself from her while you taper/detox. Not only will she make it hard for you to quit, but it will also be temptation and a source when you're emotionally struggling. Good luck and keep pushing forward...you're doing great!
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I had to get rid off all the people...
and to be honest I have 2 old friends
and 2 new friends
1 work aquantence...
BUT I have 0 chance of screwing up with them around (Guard up always though)
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