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From Methadone to Alcohol...

Hi guys...
Well my hubby's been clean from drugs since Oct last year but I am still worried about his alcohol consumption.  How common is it that people switch from one to the other.  He totally denies it but I am very worried. :o)
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VERY common to use another substance, after quiting one!! If you google this question, you will see just how common this is!!
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It is common and unless he gets outside support, counseling in particular, to get to the root of his problems he will continue to mask them or numb himself from them. It's a vicious cycle.
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I'm a prime example of cross addiction. I would get sober and clean just to relapse on something different...a different drug, or alcohol. Cross addiction is common for those that do not get to the root of their disease. This time around I am seeing a recovery coach, I have a sponsor and I go to both AA and NA meetings. As the NA book says, "alcohol is a drug." Alcohol has cause a lot of recovering addicts to relapse, only for us to realize we then became powerless over alcohol as well as drugs. As IBK said, it is a VICIOUS cycle and you must address the underlying issue(s)
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HEY Girl good to see you back ...sorry its under these circumstances I agree with the other posters that it is really ez to switch addictions ....I took the advise of this forum and have been using aftercare and so far so good I got 303 days clean...I had my struggle with alcohol yrs ago...5 yrs 4mo to be a bit more exact and to this day I still have to avoid situations where its at...your going to be helpless to do anything until he see it as a problem though you cant help someone who dont think they need help hes got to see it for himself
and then you can move forward and get help...I see a substance abuse conslor  but when I quit the booze and smoke it was both A/A and N/A that helped me threw...I wish you luck with this one...mabe sit him down and have a heart to heart with him about it ....at least you will know where you stand...keep coming here for support like you did when he was on methadone...I also just wanted to say thanks for all your support when I was struggling .......Gnarly  
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Kia Ora Kia Kaha. Like your husband i too was on the methadone here in Auckland. I am sad to hear your husband has been drinking lately. Unfortunately this is an all too common situation. Many methadone addicts who successfully taper will find themselves in trouble again with another substance within the first year if they do not seek some form of aftercare. Its still possible to suceed without an aftercare program but due to the fact that he is drinking, i think he is already struggling.

  I cant remember how long ago he had his last dose but i would think that he will still be able to access support from ARMS( Auckland Regional Methadone Services) and CADS( Community Alcohol and Drug Services).Both are very good and free.  I know when i finally got off the methadone, ARMS still kept me in their books for another 6months and provided help in the form of counciling and advocacy.

If he is not interested in 12 step meetings he may find extra support at a church if he is religously inclined. There is an IOP ( intensive outpatient program) on Valley Road in Mount Eden.This is an 'intensive' program that lasts 2 years. It is also free. There is also a Maori focused program at the same facility if he would prefer.

  The point im trying to make we are fortunate in NZ to have access to proffessional world class support networks at no cost to the client. His drinking is a portent of something bad on the horizon and needs to be addressed quickly. I think you recognise the negative implications and i commend you for coming here on your husbands behalf in search of help.

All the best and as your name screen name implies, "Be Strong'

regards Jeremy.
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