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Gabapertin, trazadona, anxiety attack

after three months clean, my husband suffered an anxiety attack, he knew how to handle it, he took a few drops of medical marijuana and slept well, then he started taking a gabapentin pill and a trazadona, the anxiety went away, and I feel happy because he was able to battle his demons and I beat him, this worked for him, I hope it works for you!
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Does he use marijuana drops daily?  I smoked herb throughout my methadone taper and it helped so much.  I also got clonadine from my doctor that really helps with anxiety.  I’m so happy it’s been 90 days for your husband.  Has he returned to his old self?  
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no, I only use marijuana one night to sleep, the next day I don't use it, I take a gabapentin and a tramane, (I appreciate you doing it that way, considering that my husband just quit heroin, then suboxone, I know it's an internal battle with him, after three months clean of suboxone, the first time that anxiety attacked him, he knew how to handle it, I'm happy with it, I know my husband when he's using it and I know him when he's healthy, and I know that He's doing it, one day at a time!
I    would be absolutely certain those drugs are compatible with each other.  Did you husband check with doctor(s) prescribing the meds . If  some are  OTC  does his physician know he's taking them.   I'm glad they were effective,.  I'd check to see regarding the combo to be safe.
Absolutely, it was indicated by the doctor, when he was using suboxone, to help him sleep better and relax, as well as for anxiety, now that my husband is free of medications (suboxone) the first time after three months came the attack of anxiety, and he knew how to handle it, thanks to those medications and the marijuana he smoked, he was able to be calm, but he only took the gaba and the trazodone for three days to calm down, then he was better

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