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Getting off of Unisom...please advise...

I have been taking Unisom for 1 1/2 years now. I take 3 gel capsules (50mg each) every night before bed. I need to stop because I’m assuming it can’t be good for me. However, when I had tried to stop in the past or missed a pill I get really sick the next day. Fever, chills, servere headache. Thinking of going to the Dr soon but wanted to post here too. I’m not sure if I should quit cold turkey or slowly taper off.
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I was on Gabapentin for 3 years AND Ambien. I rotated them. Then, I, too, decided these were not good for me. I had read that ALL these drugs (OTC also) are thought to contribute to dementia later in life. So I went cold turkey. It wasn't easy. I suffered insomnia and heavy sweating at night. It lasted about a week and 1/2. Your body can take it...if your mind can.
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diphenhydramine is Benadryl.
waterLilly7 probably meant Doxylamine, which is Unisom.

A slow taper can be done over time, slowly decreasing the medication little by little. The body doesn't notice when it's done in small enough increments, and the body is given time to get used to a slightly smaller amount.

How fast or slow one tapers depends on what works. A fast taper can be from 0 to 2 weeks. A slow taper may take months.

Hopefully it's a medication that lends itself to a slow taper. (Sometimes pills don't lend themselves to cutting, or capsules which can't be opened, or the smallest size available is too large a jump. Other pills are easily cut into smaller portions.

That's basically the idea though, is slowly decrease the mediation so the body doesn't realize it.
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Yes, you are correct. I was confusing the two.

Doxylamine succinate is one of the most sedating antihistamines available over-the-counter (stronger than diphenhydramine). A single dose causes rapid and marked drowsiness in the vast majority of individuals. ... Unlike diphenhydramine, most people don't develop a tolerance to the sedating effects of doxylamine succinate.
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Hey Friend,
Unisom is diphenhydramine. You should not be feeling these affects the next day. Please see your doctor, you have something else going on that you don't know about.
I hope you can find out and get peace.
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