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Good Morning all

Very little decent sleep for me but I am feeling slightly more alive. Wishing everyone a great day and the strength to perservere!  JT
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morning JT,,back to work next week,,,aghhh,,anyways,,risin above the ash,,still wanting the pills but this is day 6 and i am feeling better everyday,,walked on the treadmill this am,,25min,,better than nothing,,still tired but we all know why,,wife has all kinds of projects to do today so being busy is a good thing,,,I really can't wait to feel the energy and happiness that one gets from being free,,I am trying to change my bodys brain into health seeking behavior rather than addiction seeking behavior,,the only problem with this is this ADDICTION feeling will never go away,,,I am an addict,,,but the more I  "hit it over the head" the better off I will be,,,anyways ,I feel good,,exercised,,almost ready to start my day,,day6  day 6   hoorahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Have a greattttttt  day everybody,,,Boy,,, site is busy,,,we are all in the same boat,,take care allll,,,,bugzzzz
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