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Has anyone experienced this.

my soon to be ex-husband had major accident 4 years ago. Is severely dependent on oxycotin, oxycodone and xanex. It has gotten so bad two almost taking 300mg a day. Had a fusion done and original injury was two shattered ankles 13 surgeries over 3 years and then rebroke fusion , I know pain pills at that level can create more pain and agree he has chronic pain. I feel I don't know him, he became abusive in every way and was told he is a narcissist. Can pills create this behavior. His life has no quality like it did before, he had hope and then would have another surgery and get worse then  when I left he went down even further as I wouldn't live at home, he was getting on streets going to Mexico etc. Can you really just stop and can these pills really create a monster.
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They turn the best people into some of the ugliest people you have met.  I almost lost my marriage and family to my addiction to opiates. They turn you into a manipulating, moody, selfish person.
I am sorry to hear your husband is hooked by these potent chemicals that ruin lives. Yes you can get off of them. Your pain coming off is 10 fold of what it originally was, but it can be done. First thing has to happen - you need to realize you have a problem/addiction and quit living in the victim state. You can only make excuses for so long until you get clean or spiral deeper into it.
i have sympathy for your husband. Most of us don't set out to abuse these drugs, but unfortunately it happens to most.  I have sympathy for you- what a sad thing you have had to witness and be part of.
Keep yourself safe and healthy and I hope your husband can get to a place where he sees it for what it is and can change his path.
Best of luck to you!
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I would also suggest medical marijuana depending on where you live.  It has helped lots of people get off these heavy narcotics.
I can speak from experience- it's not addictive like these opiates are but it targets pain quite well for most. Maybe a way for him to make the switch and get off the stuff that kills.
I will never touch an opiate again, but I can tell you that I can take or leave the MJ without problem. I use it when needed and don't have the urge to abuse it. Yes, it can be abused still, but with significantly less side effects / life disruption.  And it isn't going to kill you like the opiates will! Something worth looking into!
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those pills will take over everyone and yes they take you to some very low lows even strong willed people have a fight after long term usage but the bottom line is only he can stop and no matter what you do you cant save him and if you don't believe look back on this post two years from now... best wishes
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