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Has anyone suffered extended IBS after Suboxone withdrawal?

I came off Suboxone cold turkey exactly one year ago. Had been suffering from IBS for 11 months until I went on the keto diet. I am curious if this was a condition that I had acquired that was covered up by Suboxone or if this would be common for getting off a 7 year Suboxone addiction?
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I'm pretty sure its NOT a condition that you've had...it's a side effect of coming off of subs.  I did the same thing (clean 5 years as of Jan 1st, 2019) and I **** tapioca for at least a year.  It was one of the last things in my body to come back on line.  It will get better, I promise, but I think b/c opiates and subs really restrict our bowels...it just take time to correct.  No worries!
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Thank you for letting me know I'm not the only one. My wife actually thought I had a problem that the subs were covering up. Hopefully it will not return.
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