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Hello All!

Hi everyone who knows me.  I'm sorry I haven't been around.  Still grieving very heavily plus my father in law is in a very bad way so I'm spending a lot of time helping out there.  Things are not looking good for me.  I have no choice but to sell the house plus I will probably be off the grid for a while.  I have to give up some bills and cable/internet is one that I can do without.  If necessary I can use the computer at the in-laws occasionally.

I hope everyone had a safe and sober holiday.  I'm still sober...my doctor was so shocked today when I told him after he said it was time for my yearly "drug test" to make sure I wasn't using more than I'm supposed to.  I told him when the heck the last time he prescribed anything to me.  He said well I know Joe had a lot of narcotics left.  I told him I gave them to the pharmacy to destroy and that he could test me all he wanted to if that was necessary for his safety of his practice.  So he did...came back and said well, it is pretty obvious you aren't taking anything.  Well duh.... doctors!!!

I guess he probably had reason to doubt...what with the last two months...I can't say that I haven't been taking my ativan....some days it is all that keeps me sane and from crying all day long.  Eventually I will come back and be back to helping others...but right now it is all I can do to keep myself going.

God bless you all.

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It is important to take care of you PK.  We will still be here when things quiet down for you~
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I missed you on the site . I hope things get better for you soon. I will pray for you and hope to hear from you soon. You helped so many people.
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Hugs to you Kaye-
Hoping for some peace and joy for you this year.  You deserve it.
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More Hugs for you. Helping is always good for the soul and heart but only if you are whole yourself. We miss you but we all understand so much. You will pull through. But it is my easy I'm so sorry so many changes are happening so fast. But you are ok. And doing it all sober which is awesome.

Great job. We are here when you need us.
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