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Help Day 5 weaning from Percocet

Oh my here I am day 5 and I feel awful.  The lack of sleep really did me in last night.  I think I got less then an hour and today I feel like a walking zombie.  I finally decded I should go fill my script but I am so scared because I dont want to back track.  At the same time I can not feel like this anymore.  Daily migraines and lack of sleep.  I just feel awful.  (Not like this is supposed to feel good) My husband is over seas and I have two littleones that need me night and day, I just dont know what to do anymore.  This morning at four I finaly had to take a half and then at 8 I took a whole one.   Any suggestions, words of advice, or help would be greatly appreciated.  Here is the breakdown of my tapering.
Percocet 10/325
16/18 pills a day for 6 years
Day 1- dropped to 6 1/2
Day 2- 5
Day 3- 4 1/2
Day 4- 2 1/2
Day 5- 1 1/2
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Just jump ship and stop thr taper now....I'm on day seven of going cold turkey off of a pretty heavy vicodin addiction...today is the cussing best day I've had in a long time....I did it all while caring for a baby AND a teenager...and I'm NOT Superwoman, believe me....what took me so long to quit was the fear of withdrawal, so I hung on and hung on. Let me say that the fear of being sick is far worse than being sick. I promise. I'm not a fan of tapering, cold turkey is the first thing that got me past two days....here I am seven days clean....you can do it to! You can!
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Yes!  I agree. Just stop now. Get it over with. It won't take that long. Take something OTC for the headache. Tapering can really be torture and your taper is a fast one. It's not doing you any good!
Don't get that refill. Just get this done now!

Keep posting and we'll help!
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I too am on day 5 of no percs. I was also taking the 10's, about twelve a day. Have you told anyone about this? Is there a good friend that would be willing to either come over and help with your kids or take them for a couple of days?

I did it cold turkey. I recommend cold turkey. It really is not as bad as you think. You are panicing and so did I at first. By day 5 you really will feel so much better, even by day four. It isn't easy or fun. My biggest problem that I am dealing with now is lack of sleep.

Good luck!
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You will feel better, it does take some time though. You don't want to have to start over so don't get the refill if you can! I wish you the best and good luck to you!
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