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Help me, Please!

I'm not sure I'm in the right spot...but her e it goes.
About 10 years ago I stopped oxycodone cold turkey. Work week of my life. I stayed clean for about 6 months, then apparently I didn't get enough of the agony. I started on Xanax when my husband at the time became abusive. That was about 2 or 3 years ago. This past August I went into detox for 5 days. I wanted off of benzos. I had a seizure. It was a bad one. Had to do CPR on me. Anyway,, I stayed off everything for about 2 months then I took some oxy bc they helped with panic and anxiety. So I never really quit the pain meds. I have gotten to the point where I'm spending all my money on pills. It's not fair to my husband and child. The last thing I took was yesterday around 2pm. I took one Roxy 15mg. Before that, it was Saturday that I took something. Please, someone remind me of a typical timeline. When is the hardest day? The first 24 hours? Or What?
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Hey Friend,
The typical physical stuff lasts about 7 days on average, with peak at about day 3.
The mental stuff lasts as long as it lasts. The anxiety monster DOES go away, so give it time.
I found in 3 months I was pretty good and traveling on a plane, in 6 months, so so so terrific, one year, a new person, 5 years, a totally happy person, YOU CAN DO THIS.
have vitamins, tv dinners, ensure plus or comparable, whatever beverage you like and a lot of it, plenty of white cotton socks so you can keep changing them because your feet will sweat, and in this sacrifice you make for yourself, you are giving yourself the best give anyone can give anyone, and YOU deserve it.
I hope to hear you are on your way through that dark tunnel and will be out here in the light with me soon.
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