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Help please.

A dear friend has stopped taking Subutex, he had been on 16mg for around 6 weeks, and just came off it w/o tapering. He has preexisting mental health issues (schizophrenia, severe deporession and anxiety), ffor which he takes citalopram and olanzapine. he has been off subs for almost a fortnight, but is finding the feelings of akaesthesia (rls), anxiety and depression unbearable, to the point he is seriuosly considering going back on heroin/just deliberately od'ing.
I am really concerned for his mental wellbeing and was wondering if, in this situation, if he is likely to be through the worst? I don't want to give him bad advice, we live in different cities, and he is so isolated in his current home (homeless hostel). He is going to see the GP tomorrow, but has been advise3d that to be re-prscribed subs, he will need to provide a positive sample. If this is the case, I am almost certain that he will just jack up a couple of grams and kill himself. Please help, I am so worried and just want to be able to help him in any way I can. Have already researched and told him about anything that may help, in terms of alleviating the severity of his withdrawal (i.e. amino acids, 5htp etc, though am not sure about 5htp interacting with his medications). Thanks in advance.
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Thank you both. I will write back properly, just wanted to state my appreciation for your responses.
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Did I read correctly that to get the subs he needs to give a positive urine test? Omg! I am not a Dr or nurse, just someone who jumped from a large dose of the subs and I do not have all of the mental issues that your friend does, and I thought I was going to die! He needs to be in a hospital ASAP! My opinion, but what he's doing is very dangerous, not only for him but the people around him.
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I'm not sure how you will help your friend. Especially if you consider him to be so unstable. Does he have Internet access at the hostel where he may post himself ?     Or is it appropriate to contact the home to have him on suicide watch?    He has been off the subs for just one day if I understand?  
  You've come to a very knowledgeable community.  Give us more info & we will help. Ok?    Pamela
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