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Help with tapering off tramadol

by harmony1111

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Female, 46 years
Boise - ID
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I think I posted my question in the wrong spot before, so I am going to try here.  Thanks, I'm new to this site.
, 5 minutes ago
I am currently trying to taper off tramadol and it is hellish.  I have been on it for about 10 years now, 10 years wasted as far as I'm concerned!  I am only taking a total of 100 mg per day and have been for the past 3 years.  The problem is that obviously my body built up a tolerance to it and it stopped helping with pain a very long time ago.  But I know how awful I feel when I don't have it-those times when my prescription ran out and I have been so afraid to go off it for good.  But for the past year my energy has been totally zapped, all I want to do is sleep, I have had major digestive issues, and my head feels cloudy all the time.  I had no idea how bad this drug is.  And I am too ashamed to share what I'm going through with the people close to me, other than my husband.  So I am here, reaching for some support from those who have been in my shoes.  I am so scared and I want to be free from this drug so bad and regain my health and vitality again.

I am taking Lunesta so I think the night time won't be so bad, but the day has been so hard.  And I only started 3 days ago!  And I have only stepped down about 30mg from the 100.  I have a horrible headache and I am an emotional wreck.  Does it really get easier???  What is the best way to taper?
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Welcome to the forum! Look around for avisg. On her profile is lots of info on trams.
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So u take( 2) 50mg pills a day?  Wow I would think that would be a pretty safe dose, doesn't sound like abuse if that is all u take.  If it has stopped working for pain and u are still in pain maybe u should talk to the Dr. who perscribed it about switching to something else that works better.  Getting of tram is hell.  I am tapering now and I know how rotten u can feel on a lower dose.  Apparently the key is to go slow and reduce little by little.  Keep in touch u can pm me if want to chat:)
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