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Help with the Thomas Recipe!

I have been looking over the Thomas Recipe, and I have some questions. First here is a list if med's I am taking Flexerile, Soma, Cymbalta, and Neurontin. Will any of these medications help, or hurt doing the Thomas Recipe? I really don't have access to the valium. I can't taper down because I have taken my last pills today, and I am dry. I noticed the recipe said to watch taking MAIO's with some of the supplements. Does anyone know anything about this. If you all have any tips on doing the recipe please let me know. Also please let me know if taking the Cymbalta will interfere with the recipe. Thanks!
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Cymbalta is a SSRI (select seretonin reuptake inhibitor) drug. I would be very careful when trying to come off any medication while on a SSRI. As far as taking Soma and Flexeril at the same time, absolutely not. As you know they are both muscle relaxers. Remember your heart is a muscle too, and toxicity from muscle relaxers will take you to a place of suffering you don't won't to go. Neurontin, however I strongly agree to continue taking. It has been known to help with uncomfortable sensations brought on by withdrawls. If all else fails, please make and appointment with a Dr.! I worked at a level III trama center as a nurse for years, and you would be surprised how understanding docs can be when you are honest with them. Plus, any local ED (emergency department) can give you beta-blockers to help you through your withdrawls. Good luck.

PS- I speak from some personal experience too ;)

Oh, and remember " if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball" and get through this mess too :)
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You should be OK on those things but I would not start at the full doses of L-Tyrosine. Build up 500mg at a time and see how you do. You shouldn't need the valium with the Flexeril. Neurontin sometimes has helped with w/ds so that should actually benefit you.
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Flexeril and soma are both muscle relaxers....doesn't seem as if teking both each day would be of any benefit...flexeril is the safer of the two as far as addiction....there are some warnings posted as far as anti-depressents and some of the aminos...I was on lexapro (anti-depressent) during detox...nuerontin, I also take flexeril rarely but it can help you sleep..I followed the recipe without difficulty...amino acids are naturally occurring/some our body makes and some we get from foods we eat......our body does not absorb alot of the pill form of amino acids anyway but some and it is helpful for healing our worn out brains....caution as with everything we take..I found it is best not to take the tyrosine at night...and do take the theanine and 5htp at night as it causes me some sleepiness and the tyrosine gives me energy...cymbalta is not a tricyclic nor is it a mao inhibitor...
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You don't have a valium tree in your back yard?  Sorry for the sarcasm it's just that the recipe makes it look so easy..............flexeril and soma are both muscle relaxers and that should help you with RLS.  Neurontin is the same but I think some take it for pain also which helps.  But, I don't think I would take flexeril and soma together.
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