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Heroin addiction

I've been on heroin for 4 years now, tried to get off it a few times but nothing really helped. It was either with meth on it's own or with nothing at all (f that!)

Have got myself a big supply of tramdol, some temazapan and some meth.

I took meth Xmas day with a few sleepers - felt fine

Yesterday took about 10 tramadol and sleepers along with some spliff - feel fine

Now as I've been reading about tramadol I want to know ( and this questions goes for the meth too), how many days can I take each safely in a row without getting addicted to them?

Will this work? I really do feel good, I'm thinking about going to the gym in a bit! I don't want to get a habit on either, I was thinking of doing tramadol today again and then take a little meth (that's if I feel I need it tomorrow), by then I should be ok right?

I've slept like a baby, woke up in sweats drenching the bed but still I feel really good.

I think this is going to work but I just need to make sure I don't get hooked on anything else.

By the way I haven't taken tramies or meth for years so this is the first time in a long tme. I did used to take 100ml a day meth and smoke on top but never had a problem with tramies?

Peoples advice and wisdom would be really helpful.
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Any help would be great!
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Hi, I just want to say you have a friend, actually many friends here, that are detoxing too.  I believe they may have the same problem, they may not know what to tell you about you particular situation.  I am not sure how people normally stop heroin withdrawal.  So, please know we all care.  And, i believe someone will show up with some wisdom.  Just hold on a little longer.  The people that have knowledge of this will hopefully answer soon.  They may not be able to give such specific advice (Now that I think of it that may be the issue here).  But I do want you to know I care.   I am in a many month long taper off of Opana ER.  That is really the only drug I know about.  I know we can't post on specific tapers, so I bet it is the same with specific drugs to use in tapering!  Ask other questions, and I know you will get help.
Big Hug,
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Hi & Welcome!

It is great that you have decided to get clean. That's great but what you are doing to get there scares me. You are still self-medicating and thinking that you will avoid the withdrawal. That exact behavior and that exact thinking landed you here. It doesn't work.

No one here can tell you how long to take either the Tramadol or the Methadone safely before becoming addicted. It's a crap shoot and even if you don't get physically addicted to it, you may become mentally addicted to it and the cycle starts all over.

I really need to suggest that you seek help. By that I mean get honest with your doctor or find out what treatment facilities are available for you. I honestly feel it is the best way to go and it was the only thing that helped me. I was addicted to heroin for many years and I needed help getting clean and staying clean. For me it wasn't just about the drug, it was the method of using and the reasons for using. I used to escape from everything and it was a long hard road to re-learn so many behaviors and to learn how to live life.

I hope you will consider the suggestions and stick around here as more members share their experience with you. Good luck.
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Hi and thanks for the advice. I think getting off meds/heroin really depends in your life. I go to gym (I went earlier), I run my own business which I have dine all the way through my addiction and life is pretty good!

I haven't taken many Grammies today, I will see what tomorrows like and maybe just take sleepers or a little meth.

I have never felt well like this before while getting clean, usually I can't be bother to get out of bed let along go to the gym!

I just really want to know about how long it takes to get a meth habit, how long it takes to get a tram ie habit and ho long it takes to get heroin out of your system.

I was smoking 2 eights a week and haven't touched sleepers, puff, tramies for years.

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Advice from anyone?
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Hi Imoteckhe the info you are seeking we can not give it depends on the person. although it is helping now when you stop it all you will still experience wd. You can not beat the wd with more opiates. getting away from heroin is not just about stopping it is working out why we used in the first place. I was very Pleased to read how together you are I know while I was using it took me low.. Your best bet would be go thru H wd it takes about a week physically seek out a addiction counselor and work on the reasons. I wish you well. lesa
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We gave you advise hun.  So you want to know how quick you will be addicted to the next drug? No one can tell you that as I said. and you want to know how long H stays in your system? We can't tell you that either, it is a violation of our guidelines.

Listen, I never met a functioning addict or someone who could use the way you do part-time so I am in awe of you. Seems like you have this and your questions cannot be answered here. Sorry about that and I wish you the best.
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And also, before I tried to get clean with only sleepers, didn't work!

If tomorrow can be done with sleepers then it's working surely.

I know a dealer, he dabbles, sells loads of the stuff then goes off on holiday for months. I asked him how he gets clean and he told me a similar thing to what I'm doing but it involved subatex and meth.

It's got to thet point that the amount of money I spend I would rather have, I do ok anyway but if I wasn't spending so much money on gear then I would really be doing well!

Counselling, programmes, they just make me want to use, sitting there talking about it all day.

I wasn't abused, didn't have a bad childhood, I was always someone who would try anything and eventually h found it's way to me and I got a habit.

This is the only thing holding me back, I will have no regrets about things I have done that I used h to mask. Life's good just I'm a slave!
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How you doing today Imoteck ?
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I'm sorry but you gave me a good LOL! I love that someone finally admitted what I've felt for so long. See first I was the "naronon" supposed to be, if u will, now I guess I would be the "n/a"supposed to be. I feel the same-at first angry that i would hv to sit in meetings, which i tried cpl times and got sick literally then to think of hearing stories that will make me want it. I don't think those meetings are all that great for some. Others go for it and I will not knock it..Just that it's different for all of us. :)
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