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How can I detox off pain pills

I have been taking prescription Vics for about 3 years started with 1 day and now up to 3 or 4. I am scared how addicted I am. Yes I am in incredible pain but I don't want to take something I am not in control of anymore. I have never been addicted to anything at all. And I am scared. I have tried to stop but I feel like I am going crazy, and having 3 kids at home, so I always end up taking just one and then just two and so on. I can not be this person. Can any one suggest anything I can do to get my mind right and DETOX my body in a fast way. Any help is appreciated.
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Congratulations on wanting to quit.
I dont think there is a really fast way to quit/detox...
It takes time, however you've chosen the best path for you.
As above, I also recommend the \Thomas |Recipie to help ease the withdrawl pain. Keep us updated on your status. Much love...
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