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How do you overcome your triggers to your Addiction?

Triggers can get ya.  How did you or do you handle your triggers when trying to stay clean?
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I'll add - this site has actually been a major resource over the past 12 years of navigating relapse and sobriety. I typically stop by infrequently to see if there are any questions about barbiturates that I can help with (there are few these days), and then will visit more frequently when I'm struggling a bit more.
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I saw this question the day it was first posted and I have to say, I haven't had many triggers since getting sober the last time (3 months ago). I'm not sure why. I'm reminded of why I had relapsed, though. It was at a time where I had high stress and a great deal of ambiguity about my future, along with being alone in the decision-making process. I suspect the slow ache will return eventually, but it is been almost frighteningly absent during this go at sobriety. I'd say for me, wanting to feel a sense of euphoria and a sense of love and belonging (albeit, chemically induced) are the biggest triggers. However, my last round with relapse was so intense and had caused me such incredible depressive episodes that the contrast to the drug's absence simply feels much better than the drug itself did. I'm hoping it continues. Addiction is weird and I never know when the switch will flip. If it does, I've got a good mental health team, some solid positive friendships, and am hoping to get back to meetings soon. COVID really put a damper on that - the one I liked the most quit meeting.
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