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How to quickly taper off 24mg suboxone in a week?

Is it possible to quickly taper off of 24mg suboxone within 6 days? I understand I'll experience withdrawal symptoms at some point and I'm willing to deal with it. I took my last dose yesterday (1/11/22 at around 1:30pm) I plan on trying to go as long as I possibly can without taking anything at all and taking the absolute bare minimum like a half of a strip to get me by. Will this make a significant difference if I continue to do this for the next 5-6 days?
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How did this pan out.
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I'm going to say no, it's not possible to be successful at it.  You can do it, for sure, but 6 days is not enough.  How long have you been taking 24mg per day?
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You can jump at any time BUT  tapering or going slow is optimum.  No 6 days isn’t long enough.  What’s going on?
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You can use comfort meds like clonadine and benzodiazepines to ease your anxiety.  I smoked herb through my taper.  I wish you the best.
Comment I am trying bupropion for MDepression.  It is also used to stop smoking. I quit smoking its very hard.  My logic says if this drug aka wellbutrin can help with that habit it aught to be really good against hydrocodone.
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