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How's Everyone?

Hey, folks...

The holidays past. I drank New Years Eve, so I had a slip, but otherwise have not slipped on that. I've got somewhere like 59 of the past 60 days no drinking. Woohoo! But have struggled A LOT with mental health this winter.

How are you all? Good, bad, one word, many words... I'd love to hear how you're doing.

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Always good to see you, Sarah! Your name and avatar have provided a continuity and familiarity for over a decade, which is kind of amazing for a support forum. I'm still seeing my therapist and psychiatrist, although I'm currently pi$$ed at them for not providing an increased level of therapy at a time where I need it (policy constraints). So, that's frustrating. I'm still working AA and other support groups and haven't drank since last year, although am definitely feeling the struggle more these past couple days! Today especially.
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Always nice to see your name show up MM!  

Life is hectic here.  Covid has reared its ugly head in my community since the start.  People are uptight and rude but spending money like there is no tomorrow!  We have been so busy.  People are really into home improvements and painting!  10-12 hr days since last March has rendered this old woman tired.....Sun and warm weather sounds like heaven to me!!

As for me, i continue moving forward in my recovery. Coming up on 13 yrs.  Everyday i take inventory of what i have to be grateful for, the list is long and comforting.  I learn something new about myself everyday, some is good and some requires work!

Im glad your here and talking again, nice to see.  Are you still seeing your counselor?
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