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I am an Addict and Everyone Is Dying

Hey friends, I don't come on here as much and this isn't really a question. My sobriety date is March 20, 2016...
I just wanted to kind of give a bit of hope...there is life after Heroin, crack, coke, methadone, opiates....because I am living it today. I also wanted to say that God has led me to street ministry. Through that I meet a lot of people. Some want help, most just want a free hotdog. Through this journey and in the past 10 months our community has lost over 25 people to overdoses. Last week 3 people died and 2 are on the vent.
2 weeks ago my best friend overdosed and her 5 year old son watched her "friends" give her CPR. She called me at work the next day stating she didn't know where she was, she was in a hospital. I found her kid and found her. I had to notify her mom and dad that their child had overdosed, died but was ok now. I have never been on this side of this disease. child was taken away. Shes clean now because she has to be.
I am sponsoring a girl and as I write this am texting her, because another friend died last night.
There are free programs, there are ways out and there is life after.
You don't need to die... Please just as me ask anyone there is help....
its to much...to many people! You are worth it, you are valuable and you are loved...just hang on please
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This is so sad and tragic! When I went to my doctor a couple weeks ago (not for norco refill haha) they have big notices posted all over the office and the exam rooms that tell how many deaths there have been in our county due to opiate related drug overdoses. It also says that they will be trying everything they can for chronic pain to avoid the use of opiates and if they do prescribe them, there will be minimal amounts and low doses prescribed and more than once a month doctor appointments for monitoring and refilling. I'm glad that doctors are becoming more aware and more educated on the prescribing of opiate/narcotic pain relievers. Unfortunately they are needed and are very good with pain relief if the person uses them responsibly (which gets hard when you begin to build a tolerance). I'm so glad I made the decision to get off these pills when I did. In one of our neighbor counties, they quit prescribing them all together unless you are a cancer patient, recovering from surgery (and at that point they will only prescribe enough to deal with the immediate pain which is usually one bottle), or end of life situations. I cannot believe what damage the overprescribing of these pills has caused, and although it is not in time for some, it saving others lives. I do fear however, that if people are unable to obtain pain relief from their doctors, they will turn to the streets and all those nasty drugs, and the use and over dose and death from said drugs will rise again. I hate drugs and what they do to the people of our communities! My thoughts and prayers are with you and the families of the ones you have lost.
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I hear ya to many people are dying that's awesome you are clean and helping people I lost my baby brother to herion 2 yrs ago it has torn our family apart I was on pain pills and let me tell ya they got a hold of me bad I hurt my back pretty bad I thought I need those pills to live ha to live that's a joke I wasn't living I was a shell going through the Motions I'm over 90 days clean I thank God for everyday
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Congrats on your clean time Heather!!  You sound good.  The overdoses are getting to be epidemic anymore.  They are happening here in my state too.  I am so grateful that i am no longer in that world.  None of us are exempt.
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