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I feel bipolar

It's now 3 weeks and the physical withdrawals are gone but I'm an emotional mess, I go from angry, to crying, trying to get my stuff organized, everything is such a bloody mess.  I buy and sell vintage leather coats and purses, jewelry and other stuff I also make jewelry and my **** is everywhere and I mean everywhere.  I got the bedroom where I keep my vintage things cleaned up now I'm trying to clean my sewing room where I have all my jewelry making stuff, there's so much it's making my head spin and now my back is sore as hell so I'm going to quite for today.  I feel overwhelmed but I have to keep thinking 1 minute at a time when I feel overwhelmed............
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google "PAWS"
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remember "baby steps".....
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Why google PAWS?  
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paws is a group of symptoms that last 2 yrs after quiting an addiction, its universal, patients scale differently but everyone goes through this period
you can check out my paws journal, but also remmeber that many addicts are really self medicating mental illness so you may very well be bi-polar, the good news is that once you are clean you can find the right type of help, there are a couple of 12 step groups you can look into, na for your addiction and AdA for the possible bi-polar, even if you do not stick to these programs or find they are not right for you, the people at the meetings can give you specific resources available in your community
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