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I hate xanex

I feel alone. My boyfriend has a problem with xanex and I need all the help I can get. Advice. Other forums? He's already been through treatment. I guess I just need help with understanding this disease. What can I do? How can he stop? He says he wants to. I want to help him better himself. He's a very good person. But this demon, he says he has, keeps winning. I appreciate in advance!
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I wish I could help more, but wondering if he's in an after care program? I'm just beginning my journey so the others can provide more information. I just want to say how awesome it is that you're still there helping and supporting!
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Could you get him to post here? This is the right place, but the addict has to do the work, that is unfortunately how it is. Have him post his questions, he will get more responses. Weekends can be slow as well. Without knowing his mind set by what he shares, it is difficult to even give advice. It's awesome you are trying to help, you did your part, you found us. Now turn this resource over to him, if he really wants to quit, he will do whatever it takes and that is what it takes. We are all addicts here, or mostly, so his story will be familiar to us, he has no need to feel any shame with us. I'm one of the biggest screw ups I know, so send him our way.
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