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I have been Clean for...

Hello Everyone,
I was on my Profile Page and was looking at it and I saw I am 101 Days Clean TODAY...Whoot.....Lets have a big Shoot Out. I have to say it feels pretty darn good to say that one and I have to say I Finally Feel Great......Love You all thanks for helping me get here.....
Loves and Hugs  X's and O's as You all Know
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HEY congrats Rhea you have fought a good fight and came off the methadone in a remarkable time so WOO HOO to you im so happy for you..it's a grind to do but it is doable
keep up the good work and always post your success storys...good luck and God bless....Gnarly  
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I'm not equal to a "Shoot Out" today  LOL  but congratulations to you!!
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Hi Rhea,

I haven't been on the list very long so don't know anything about your struggle.

But I just wanted to give you some very heartfelt congratulations for doing so well.

Well done and take care.
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Hi Rhea,
Keep strong... and go slow.
I am in the 30s ( I think like day 38 or something). I have lots and lots of strong moments as you describe. So grateful and CERTAIN that this is the best fight I've ever fought.
But then I also have weak moments sprinkled in. they sneak the heck up on me.
Like today. It's my Birthday. What a great way to celebrate a new year. Clean and sober.
But I have a headache and i really want to fix a great dinner for the family to bless them. And step one for over a dozen years was to take VICODIN. So, I am weak right now.
That's why I say go slow.
So glad you're in the 100s. and Very glad to hear of your great attitude!
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Way to go!  Keep up the hard work, so you can stay happy and healthy!  I'm proud of you!
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Congratulations!  I also keep tabs on my cleantime using my tracker & it is so-oo rewarding to see the numbers go up...keep on climbing, tallullah x
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Hey glad to hear someone else knows by there tracker..lol...but yes they are great, I wish I would seen it the day before on 100 but thats' cool. I'm over a 100 now..I'm totally happy about all of this and oh man the crap you go threw to get here. And You still have ups and downs but you know I think that is life..........

thanks again
Loves Rhea
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Thanks so much for the comment. Its great to have People pop over to your post and be so Positive thanks I really thank you for the Kindness....I'm working on it all, and I will keep it up we have but one life.........Loves and hugs Rhea
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Thanks For such a sweet heart felt reply to my post. To long to write all on here but basically I was on Methadone for pain I got from my first Cancer in 02 and I have been on pain pills tell Mothers day this last May of 10 and I still have pain but I can deal pretty good and I feel so much better and I can't tell you how much Emotional I lost, and had no Idea. I thought I was feeling everything in my life. Wow what a Eye opener..
Well thanks again
Loves Rhea
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hi, rhea.... congrats on your time, awesome :) very well done, dear rhea :)
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Thanks so much for all your help as I have went threw around of emotions and pains ..but you have always had a Nice word or comment to help out in anyway you could. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know the pains in my life our not all gone but I'm learning to deal with them. I'm learning to handle and do the best I can, that's all we all can do........Thanks again gnarly_1

xxooxx Rhea
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You are an inspiration....on Day 8 of no methadone, Day 4 of no pills whatsoever (used weaker opiates to help with the detox).  I feel like sh*t on a stick but better than yesterday.  Reading posts like these makes me feel lie I can really do it....
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Hey thanks for the Shoot Out.........It feels Great to say 101.......Gosh back at day 2 or even day 30 it felt so far away and then just checking out my trackers I see that and its Like WHoot..........Totally Cool........
Thanks again
Loves Rhea
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congratulations!   I'm on day 24 and never going back

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