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I learned my lesson

Ok so I'm 13 days clean and I feel great other than not getting sleep because of the tremors at night that wake me up.  It started to go away but the night before last, I didnt think it was a big deal to have a beer or two.  Then yesterday I went out with some friends and had two beers again.  Both nights I had a hard time sleeping especially last night, I woke up every hour due to the tremors that would not go away at all, it felt like the tremors from day 2.  Well I learned my lesson, I cant put any substance in my body no mater what it is.
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Ur right and im glad u learned ur lesson.. My past 2 relapses i thought i could drink and hang with the party scene and only drink, Both times i tried that i failed. The alcohol always led me back to the pills which were my DOC...So happy to hear that u did learn ur lesson.. Good for u....Angie ♥
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Thanks angie, I just think my drug of choice is any substance.
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