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I need help helping a recovering narcotic addict

My name is Liz my boyfriend is recovering from heroin and perscription pills he started before i met him and was clean when i met him he has been struggling with with it since he was 14 he has fallen back onto perscription pain meds and is now off those and on suboxin and is seeing a therapist.  he is having a hard time everyday is diff with his moods and we now are not living together. i dont know how to handle his moods and i cant seem to show him the right support and he will not talk to me. if anyone has any advice for me has been in this situation or are or was an addict and let me know what you needed so i can help him the best i can. i want to help him help himself and us still be happily together. WHAT  DO I DO? I NEED HELP!
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hi. if you want to help him, find an alanon or naranon group in your area and speak up at a meeting. there will be folks there that can answer your concerns. i'll send you some links. take care,  gm
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He should be able to stop if he wants to with or without your help. If you are really on a mission to get him clean that could be an exercize in futility and co-dependency depending on how much energy you put into him or if it is more that he puts into his own recovery. Remember addicts lie all the time. all the best
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